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DND 12′: Fear, A Contestant’s Experience

Written by Zachary Low

Edited by Celine Yeap

The room is cold: the air-conditioning is at full blast. Yasmin, Ashley and Jen are curled up in decidedly unglamorous foetal positions on the floor, seeking whatever warmth they can find in layers of fabric. Alex and Wesley, with makeup already on, are reading their lecture notes. Jack is wearing a singlet, sleeping in a chair, oblivious to the cold. Isaac entertains the rest of the world. While Mel and Celine are having their makeup done, I mentally slap myself for not bringing anything to do.

Pageant girls (spot Yasmin and Ashley behind the chairs) and me, foaming hard.

Two hours later and I am regretting my decision to let everyone else get their makeup done first – I suffer the ignominy of having nine other people laughing at my pained expression as my face becomes the slightly unwilling canvas of the makeup artist. But a miracle happens and in ten minutes I am the gleeful owner of rust-orange eyebrows and blue eyeshadow. We move backstage and await the beginning of the pageant themed catwalk segment of the evening’s entertainment.

The powers of make up

This is it: DND at last! No more late night dance practices, later night photoshoots, strange games, costume fitting, catwalk training, et cetera. On the 25th of March, as KEVIIans gathered for the annual dinner and dance, I stood backstage, relieved that the entire pageant process would be ending soon.

Life is tough when you’re backstage. You can’t eat the food, for one. When finally released into the main hall, I descended upon the food, inhaling whatever was on my plate. I must admit that the excellent fare was a welcome change from the daily diet that we all enjoy.

No magic show to watch – from backstage you can hear the oohs and aahs of the crowd.

One must wonder what Mitchell is smiling about.

Also, you can’t see Shaam and Ryan strut their stuff as the emcees for the day. Life is tough.

I did, however, enjoy myself immensely in being allowed to prance around like the Mad Hatter.

But DND isn’t just about the show. It’s also about the people in hall. An occasion to dress up and where everyone is licenced to break normal social etiquette: where else can you see Andy Sim wearing pseudo-diapers? At this point one must stop to ponder what walking back to hall in that outfit must have felt like. Other than the slightly disturbing (in addition to the abovementioned example, please also refer yourself to pictures of the winner of the ‘most sexily dressed female’), there was a huge variety of other costumes on display, from chained-up ghosts, MIB agents wielding Nerf guns and Super Soakers, and even a gang of Al-Ameen delivery bikers. I suspect that the rampant photo-taking that was going on had something to do with all this dressing up.

Al-Ameen delivery bikers – did they bring the naan?

Please explain the physics behind your… weapons?

This night of debauchery fun was punctuated by the MAB awards ceremony, which saw Lok Liangxun and Jen Yeh taking home the Freshman and Freshgirl/Freshlady/Freshwoman/Fresh-I-don’t-know-if-there’s-a-specific-term of the Year awards respectively, and Eddie Tan receiving the Outstanding KEVIIan Award, among others. The night’s activities ended with the crowning of our very own Hall King and Queen: Isaac Chay and Ashley Tong of CD Block.

Liangxun - our freshman of the year!

Jen - our freshman (female) of the year!

Ashley and Isaac - Hall Queen and King

As DND concludes and people move out of the ballroom to begin a new round of photo-taking, it becomes a hugely communal activity, a celebration of the friendships forged over the year. Group photos for the different blocks spark off new cries for various CCAs to gather to take more group photos. The lobby of the Kent Ridge Guild House becomes a space in which KEVIIans affirm and immortalize their friendships through the vehicle of a digital camera. A very noisy space, no doubt, but  a space in which a warm, fuzzy feeling manifests itself. Perhaps this is why people indicate their ‘home’ on their Facebook profiles as 1A Kent Ridge Road.

Even amidst the rush and preparation for the proverbial crunch that is the Finals (with a capital F, mind you), I find myself looking forward to going to DND – just another reminder on why hall life is such an enriching experience.

Speaking of enriching, the acquisition of the ‘Mr Sexy’ title also came with a voucher from New Urban Male. One must wonder how these two equate. The prim and proper Zachary Low, confronted with the prospect of entering a NUM store, is at a loss of what to do. Maybe you can help.


DND ’12: Interview with Isaac and Ashley, Block CD

Interviewed by Zachary Low

Edited by Celine Yeap

Today, we find ourselves talking to Isaac Chay and Ashley Tong, CD Block’s very own pageant contestants. Join us as we find out more about what they think of each other, and give us some insights on life in school!

Our CD pageant contestants, Ashley and Isaac

Z: As always, the first question is going to be… tell me about yourselves.

Isaac: I’m in softball, handball, tennis, and also the assistant producer for Hallplay.

Ashley: Marketing, OCIP Laos, and I’m also in NUS Climb (rock climbing).

Previously, Ashley was also overheard saying ‘I rate myself an 11 out of 10.’ That’s some serious belief in your own mojo there. Good stuff!

Z: Very nice. Now, legend has it that Isaac is the object of desire for the girls in this year’s Medicine Year Ones. Ashley, aren’t you worried when you hear knocks on your door at night? Ever received any death threats from jealous doctors-to-be?

Ashley: Oh, I’m not worried at all. Isaac doesn’t want to date M1s: he has a rule on intra-faculty dating.

Isaac nods sagely.

Z: And you know this because?

Ashley: Because I know all of Chay’s deepest, darkest secrets.

Z: And Chay, what do you have to say about this?

Isaac: I’m not the object of desire.


Ashley: It’s the eyebrows. That’s the real object of desire.

That’s what she said…

Z: So Ash, what’s it like being an Arts student in KE? Ever felt like you were discriminated as part of the minority?

Ashley: People in the science canteen always look at me as if I’m not supposed to be there.

Isaac: She’s the object of desire in Science. Guys look at her like ‘damn, she fly!’

While Ashley is the object of desire for all guys in Science, Chay's eyebrows are THE object of desire (albeit not for his fellow female classmates).

Z: Thanks for clearing things up. So, Chay, are you looking forward to dancing in front of everyone? Going to show the world how you twist?

Isaac: No, no, I can’t do that. I don’t have the moves. But I’ll try.

Ashley (indignantly): Do or do not, there is no try!

The Star Wars fan in me approves.

Z: What’s your greatest source of East Wing pride?

Isaac: Ashley. She motivates me to practice for pageant.


Ashley: The people… every night I can knock on someone’s door, knowing that someone will be there for me.

Z: And for our last question: imagine you are a character in a movie and you are facing off with your archenemy. It’s a no-win situation for you, and your enemy is about to make you shuffle off this mortal coil, as Shakespeare so eloquently puts it. What’s the last thing you’re going to say to the camera?

Ashley: Hasta la vista, baby!

Isaac: Mooooooommmmmmy! It’s ooooverrrrrrrr!

And that concludes the second part of our pageant participant interview series. Look out for the next instalment as we begin our journey to the West.


DND ’12: Interview with Jack and Jen, Block AB

Interviewed by Zachary Low

In the first of the pageant contestant interview series, we sit down for a short chat with Jack Neo and Jen Yeh from AB, to find out what makes them tick. Please forgive any interjections by members of the public while the two of them are providing thoughtful answers to the questions posed.

Our AB pageant contestants: Jack Neo and Jen Yeh

Z: So, tell me about youselves.

Jack (lying on the floor): I’m in softball, marketing, hallplay marketing, and a part-time vegetarian.

Note: Jack is also Mr. Science and Mr. Personality!

Jen: I make pancakes.

Jen is also in touch rugby, choir, KE media, hallplay set design…

Celine: She does everything.

Z: So of all the time spent in hall so far, what has been your defining experience?

Jack: When I first moved into hall. It was good. Especially the first night – it was a bit rough, but I liked it.

Jen: That’s hard… (this provokes lots of eyebrow raises from other people). But I’d say Rag. Rag was awesome.

Z: Very nice. And now because I like food, I’m going to ask about it. Jen, what’s your favourite Singaporean food, and why?

Jen: Singaporean food is actually pretty good. (Nods of approval from assembled pageant contestants). But I like nasi lemak…

Z: Why? Because it’s fattening?

Jen: Because the lady who serves it is really nice.

Z: Jack, what do you have to say about Jen’s choice of food?

At this point, we must note that Jack is speechless and unable to provide a coherent answer in response to Jen’s answer on why nasi lemak tastes good. Jen responds indignantly by questioning Jack’s vegetarian orientation, and the ensuing argument breaks into a discussion of their daily diet and monthly expenses.

One must wonder whether there are any trust issues between the two.

Jen and Jack, apparently suffering from some minor trust issues.

Z: Rumour has it that AB block houses many party animals. Is this true?

Jen: No… it’s all in CD. Not AB!

Jack (nodding sagely in agreement): Yup. All the havoc is in CD.

The two of them proceed to elaborate on this. It’s good to see them united on at least one issue.

Z: Jen, what’s your favourite fictional character?

Jen: Peter Pan.

Wesley: Not Jack Sparrow?

Jen: No! Well, Peter Pan can fly and he never grows old.

Alex: Peter Pan never reached puberty.

I encourage you, dear reader, to use your imagination to decipher Jen’s reaction to Wesley and Alex. After all, that’s what Peter Pan would have wanted you to do.

Z: Alright Jack, tell me why any girl should date you. Is it because you’re a physicist with a working knowledge of everything in the universe?

Jack: Because any girl who meets me will be attracted to me, like the Earth is attracted to the Sun – with a large force inversely proportional to the distance squared.

Z: Very good, Jack. I hope you put your working knowledge to good use. And finally, can the two of you tell us whether you can be like Jack and Jill and have adventures on the hill?

Jack: Ask Jen.

Jen: Jack can have adventures by himself.

Our interview with the couple from AB ends with Team Jen beating Team Jack 1-0, courtesy of a last minute verbal burn.

And that concludes our chat with Jack and Jen. Look out for the next in our ‘interview-with-the-pageant-contestant’ series, also known as ‘Zach-will-never-interview-himself’.


A Royal Encounter with HALL KING AND QUEEN

Interviewed by Koon Tong

Edited by Png Ning

Night of the Black Gold presenting alluring jewels of King Edward VII

The annual KEVII Dinner & Dance 2011: The Night of the Black Gold took place in the Kent Ridge Guild House on the 26th of March 2011. This year’s dinner and dance boasted to have the turnout rate to date. The programs of the night included engaging games, mouthwatering buffet dinner, MAB award presentation and of course the highlight was the KEVII Pageant 10/11. Continue reading ‘A Royal Encounter with HALL KING AND QUEEN’


DnD 2011 – Night of the Black Gold: A Tribute to the People Behind the Scenes

Written by: Stephanie Yeo

Edited by: Jocelyn Yeo

This post is written in recognition of the unsung heroes of the DnD committee; the people who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes in the various departments – Programmes, Pageant, Publicity and Ticketing, and Marketing, to make DND 2011 a most memorable and resounding success.

Continue reading ‘DnD 2011 – Night of the Black Gold: A Tribute to the People Behind the Scenes’


Beauties and Hunks of Night of the Black Gold

Written by Jacqueline

Edited by Png Ning

Night of the Black Gold

The Night of the Black Gold approaches and excitement heightens. KE’s annual Dinner and Dance is just a few days away and voting for the titles of Hall King and Queen has begun on Facebook.

Continue reading ‘Beauties and Hunks of Night of the Black Gold’


interview with the hall queen – lisa!

Writer: Avik & Adriel Leong
Editor: Ong Qing Liang


Congrats!”How does this word make you feel when you hear it over and over again, now that you are KE royalty?

Elated :) It feels surreal, somehow. But it definitely feels gooooood haha

 “The Title of King Edward VII hall Queen, 2010 goes to……Lisa!!!!” (screams event emcee) Immediate reaction?


On stage were you confident or just a bundle of nerves?

A bundle of nerves, definitely. Songkai said he could feel my hands shaking.

Attention here Attention there, Oh why do people stare…How do you handle post-DnD attention?

Haha I get a little bit shy when people keep referring to me as “Queen” :)

Tell us, how is your pre DnD hall life different from the post DnD one?

Not much different, really.

Has members of the opposite sex showed you more attention post D&D?

Uh, NO.

Why do you think you won?

I honestly can’t think of a reason why. I think I was lucky that night :D

Who were your biggest competitors (Time to say something nice about all the other contestants)

SONGKAI HAHAHAHAHAHA! His “boob-squeeze” gets full marks; he was sexier than all the girls!

Haha okay I thought all of them were incredible. We were all chosen to take part in the pageant for a reason (mine being because Deborah dropped out :p), and this proves that we all had equal potential of winning the title! I think given the amount of effort we all put in (and the time we sacrificed to stay up till the wee hours of the morning just for the dance!), each and every one of us are winners. :)

Biggest Takeaway from D&D?

The friendships made with all the other pageant contestants. If it weren’t for D&D I would have never gotten to know these people and realize how awesome they are.

Most Enjoyable part of D&D?

The dancing! Oh and the preparations, it was so nice to be pampered for a change. :)

How will your reign be? (Post D&D activities/plans)

HAHA THIS SOUNDS LIKE I WON MISS UNIVERSE. Okay I plan to fight for world peace, battle global warming, eradicate poverty….. :P

Who would you like to thank?


Anything you would like to say for yourself or about someone else, DnD related of course…

Thank you Song Kai for being the best partner anyone could ever ask for. Songkai, you squeeze your boobs like no other, and I am eternally grateful that you agreed to do it. AND JERWIN IS GAY. FOR REALZ.

News from the 54th

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