DND ’12: Interview with Jack and Jen, Block AB

Interviewed by Zachary Low

In the first of the pageant contestant interview series, we sit down for a short chat with Jack Neo and Jen Yeh from AB, to find out what makes them tick. Please forgive any interjections by members of the public while the two of them are providing thoughtful answers to the questions posed.

Our AB pageant contestants: Jack Neo and Jen Yeh

Z: So, tell me about youselves.

Jack (lying on the floor): I’m in softball, marketing, hallplay marketing, and a part-time vegetarian.

Note: Jack is also Mr. Science and Mr. Personality!

Jen: I make pancakes.

Jen is also in touch rugby, choir, KE media, hallplay set design…

Celine: She does everything.

Z: So of all the time spent in hall so far, what has been your defining experience?

Jack: When I first moved into hall. It was good. Especially the first night – it was a bit rough, but I liked it.

Jen: That’s hard… (this provokes lots of eyebrow raises from other people). But I’d say Rag. Rag was awesome.

Z: Very nice. And now because I like food, I’m going to ask about it. Jen, what’s your favourite Singaporean food, and why?

Jen: Singaporean food is actually pretty good. (Nods of approval from assembled pageant contestants). But I like nasi lemak…

Z: Why? Because it’s fattening?

Jen: Because the lady who serves it is really nice.

Z: Jack, what do you have to say about Jen’s choice of food?

At this point, we must note that Jack is speechless and unable to provide a coherent answer in response to Jen’s answer on why nasi lemak tastes good. Jen responds indignantly by questioning Jack’s vegetarian orientation, and the ensuing argument breaks into a discussion of their daily diet and monthly expenses.

One must wonder whether there are any trust issues between the two.

Jen and Jack, apparently suffering from some minor trust issues.

Z: Rumour has it that AB block houses many party animals. Is this true?

Jen: No… it’s all in CD. Not AB!

Jack (nodding sagely in agreement): Yup. All the havoc is in CD.

The two of them proceed to elaborate on this. It’s good to see them united on at least one issue.

Z: Jen, what’s your favourite fictional character?

Jen: Peter Pan.

Wesley: Not Jack Sparrow?

Jen: No! Well, Peter Pan can fly and he never grows old.

Alex: Peter Pan never reached puberty.

I encourage you, dear reader, to use your imagination to decipher Jen’s reaction to Wesley and Alex. After all, that’s what Peter Pan would have wanted you to do.

Z: Alright Jack, tell me why any girl should date you. Is it because you’re a physicist with a working knowledge of everything in the universe?

Jack: Because any girl who meets me will be attracted to me, like the Earth is attracted to the Sun – with a large force inversely proportional to the distance squared.

Z: Very good, Jack. I hope you put your working knowledge to good use. And finally, can the two of you tell us whether you can be like Jack and Jill and have adventures on the hill?

Jack: Ask Jen.

Jen: Jack can have adventures by himself.

Our interview with the couple from AB ends with Team Jen beating Team Jack 1-0, courtesy of a last minute verbal burn.

And that concludes our chat with Jack and Jen. Look out for the next in our ‘interview-with-the-pageant-contestant’ series, also known as ‘Zach-will-never-interview-himself’.


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