Beauties and Hunks of Night of the Black Gold

Written by Jacqueline

Edited by Png Ning

Night of the Black Gold

The Night of the Black Gold approaches and excitement heightens. KE’s annual Dinner and Dance is just a few days away and voting for the titles of Hall King and Queen has begun on Facebook.

Amazing Wei Chong and Bubbly Melissa from AB Block

As the contestants busily prepare for their night of glamour, we pause and ask: What does beauty mean to them? “I’ll be lying if I said looks are not important to me. Nothing starts the morning better than a good hair day” says Ellie Choi of F-Block. Each of us has an inherent desire to look good, and what more can be said of pageant contestants? GH’s Wang Yutong aptly puts the idea of beauty into deeper perspective, “Your perception of your own beauty affects your self-esteem, and it may affect people’s first impression upon you as well.”, and she believes that beauty is pointless without smart behaviour.

Charming David and Divine Annie from CD

The pageant organisers definitely kept that notion in mind, having prepared intensive workshops and lessons for the contestants. AB’s Yap Wei Chong’s greatest take-away is the “skills for enhancing my posture and outlook, and for exuding a certain level of confidence especially when speaking”. David Chen of CD agrees, saying “Pageant contestants are really not so different from other professionals; they undergo training, grooming and conditioning. Suaveness and panache are all but formalized routine and countless hours of practice, I think.”

Exquisite Ryan and Exotic Unaa from E Block

Unsurprisingly, the contestants also picked up many beauty tips along the way. “When someone you never know before is doing your makeup, DO NOT just close your eyes, sit back and enjoy. Keep an eye on her! Otherwise, always get ready with your own makeup remover!” was Yutong’s keen advice. The best beauty tip comes from Melissa Soh of AB: Smile! Indeed, as she puts it, “outer beauty may not last, but inner beauty can”, and only a sincere smile could radiate that inner beauty in you.

Funky Joshua and Fabulous Ellie from F Block

Still, as we look forward to an exciting night, the question remains: Who will clinch the titles of Hall King and Queen, bringing glory to their blocks? Will it be Amazing Wei Chong and Bubbly Melissa for AB, Charming David and Divine Annie for CD, Exquisite Ryan and Exotic Unnaa for E, Funky Joshua and Fabulous Ellie for F, or Godlike Ivan and Heavenly Yutong for GH?

Godlike Ivan and Heavenly Yutong from GH Block

Put on a Middle-Eastern costume. Come down to the Kent Ridge Guild House. Get ready for a beautiful night, and as Ellie tips us off, “wait till you see what we are wearing (it’s sexy)!”


Editor’s note : Check out responses from these stunning beauties and hunks on a beauty quiz coming right up this week!



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