Room Draw 09

Writer: Adrian Chia

The highly anticipated Room Draw Exercise finally took place on 15 April 2009. An annual ritual whereby all Hall residents continuing their stay next semester would choose their rooms, it was also a night with plenty of drama and action.

All the way leading up to the finale, there was a great build up of suspense and dilemma among many Hall residents as they made the very important decision. During the mock Room Draw Exercise, it was observed that there were a few clashes between the choices of some individuals. Undoubtedly, much brainstorming, negotiations and intelligence gathering must have taken place over the weeks. Weighing the pros and cons of each location, talking to seniors, or even scouting the rooms personally were just some of the methods employed to shortlist one’s choices. But ultimately, it all depends on the number of Room Draw Points one has – the higher one’s points, the greater priority one has to choose his / her room.

Thus, McVin Cheen, a current year 3 Pharmacy senior in Hall, had the honour to be the first guy to choose his room. The number of points he has? 186! (Try to beat that anyone?) His sense of achievement aside, he did not need to think twice to pick his new room A203. There are several reasons for his decision, but the main one certainly has to be his close relationship with his future neighbour, Eddie Tan, who happened to be the male freshie with the highest points (94). Eddie, the incumbent of room A202, decided to pick the same room again. Besides the obvious reason mentioned above, he found his room special because of its strategic proximity to the dining hall. One begins to wonder if there are more important reasons than this…

McVinn & Eddie

McVin & Eddie

On the other hand, Hui Ning, with 161 points, was the first girl to choose her room. She was certainly spoilt for choice as she was still undecided up to the last moment! She finally settled for E705, albeit feeling a bit sad and regretful to leave AB Block. Nonetheless, she would be seeking comfort from the nice sea view of her future room, as well as the long flight of stairs leading to E7, which she claimed would make her fitter. Anyway, she is also looking forward to having her Pharmacy classmates as neighbours. When asked about how she managed to get so many points, she revealed that she took part in 7 IHG Sports this season! Mae Yue, with 141 points, was ranked first among the female freshies, and not-so coincidentally, she took part in 6 IHG sports this year (joining sports certainly must have been very rewarding for them)! Being a staunch F-Block supporter, she showed her unwavering love for F Block by picking F403 as her future room.

Mae Yue & Hui Ning

Mae Yue & Hui Ning

Checking the latest updates

Checking the latest updates

Real-time update on the projector screen

Real-time update on the projector screen



The final decision

The final decision

Alumni Comm's booth in front, Flag's booth behind

Alumni Comm's booth in front, Flag's booth behind

As the Room Draw proceeded, the process became more and more nail-biting for those who have yet to choose their rooms as their options were diminishing. This year, AB Block was the first to be closed after its quota for seniors was reached. E Block was the next to go as the rooms in E6,7 and 8 were quickly snapped up by seniors. However, it was certainly most puzzling and unbelievable that two double rooms in E7 and 8, traditionally being one of the most sought-after rooms in Hall for their superb view and breezy climate, were vacant by the time E Block’s quota was reached! As the room remained vacant after the first hour, it sparked a scramble among a few interested individuals to look for roommates at the last minute. However, somehow their efforts did not materialise and the rooms would therefore, most amazingly, be reserved for incoming freshies.

Empty rooms in E7 E8??

Empty rooms in E7 E8??

As more blocks became unavailable towards the end of the process, residents who initially wanted to stay in those blocks but have yet to choose were forced to compromise and many of them had to make the split-second decision of choosing another option. While they might have to cope with a new environment, it would certainly also be a good opportunity for them to know more people and make new friends.

The entire process ended at around 11.30pm. On behalf of KE Press, we hope you have chosen a room that you would be comfortable living in for the next semester!


6 Responses to “Room Draw 09”

  1. 1 Vince
    April 22, 2009 at 3:41 AM

    I’m very sorry for the delay at the start of it cos I was having trouble getting enough laptops.

    And do leave some comments here on how you think the JCRC can improve on room draw for next year, be it the display, the schedule, the floor plan etc. Thanks and I hope you all enjoyed the entire process of room draw 2009.

  2. 2 Max
    April 22, 2009 at 8:50 AM

    room draw has improved a lot… last time we wrote the names on mahjong paper… just like the mock one…

  3. 3 jianpu
    May 8, 2009 at 2:54 PM

    Alumni comm booth should be set after the room draw area. Because this time when alumni booth is set at front, ppl who finish typing first is allowed to choose their room first, not exactly according to the rank. Although only a small issue, still need to be made clear to avoid conflict.

  4. 4 Vince
    May 8, 2009 at 9:19 PM

    Actually those that finished keying in their details first were only allowed to proceed but not allowed to draw their room. they still had to wait for their turn after keying in their details. one advantage of having the alumni booth before the room draw is that those waiting their turn could actually fill in their details 1st while waiting and they can’t leave cos they have yet to draw their room. I know of some ppl who will go to some extent just to avoid these sorta booth after drawing their rooms. so i foresee the alumni comm booth to still be before the room draw area in the future.

  5. 5 yoe yoe
    July 15, 2009 at 1:00 PM

    I am from Myanmar. I am Yoe Yoe and i am Sepaktakraw selection in Myanmar.
    I want to know Sepaktakraw Federation address in Singapore.I hear that Singapore Sepaktakraw Team have not Woman Coach .So i interest this Position.Can you tell me Sepaktakraw Federation address ?

    Thanks you
    Yoe Yoe

  6. July 15, 2009 at 3:23 PM

    Umm sorry but we can’t help you in this… Try using Google?

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