Tennis [M] Preliminary Match vs Raffles Hall: lost 1-4

Reported by Ng Wee Yang

Edited by Celine Yeap

Results of Tennis (M) Second Preliminary Round: KE vs. RH: lost 1-4




Score (KE-RH)

1St Singles

Yinghan Tan

Sh Yam


2nd Singles

Kegan Lim

Kai Quan


3rd Singles

Rajeev Kumar

Ping Quan


1st Doubles

Issac Chay and Treye Teo

Chixuan Liu and Huajun Qin


2nd Doubles

Jinghe and Darrell Lim

Vibol Seng and Loo Tiat Ming




6th January marked the start of the 2nd preliminary round for KE7 male tennis team in IHG (Inter Hall Games). This time, KE7 team faced off with Raffles Hall (RH). The RH team was another formidable opponent as it has 5 IVP (Intervarsity players) on their side. Nevertheless, our team  faced off bravely against RH.

Our supporters from hall!

The games started around 6:15pm with our first player in the 1st singles, Yinghan warming up with his opponent in RH. The weather was extremely favourable for our team as it was cooling and windy. At around 6:30pm, the games officially started. During the 1st singles, Yinghan was extremely focused in delivering competent serves with his racket in the aims to score points against RH. However, despite him giving all his best, RH proved to be too strong an opponent and the match was lost with an overall score of 9-0. When asked about his opinions about the match, he felt that this game served as an experience and confidence builder for him and the team. He comments that with this humbling experience, he will be a better tennis player in the future.

The 2nd singles was played by our tennis captain, Kegan Lim, at around 7pm. During the game, he demonstrated his quick reflexes and aggressiveness by scoring several points against RH. His opponent in RH, Kai Quan was equally aggressive and fast. Eventually, the match took close to more than an hour for our captain to achieve a victory with an overall score of 9-4. When interviewed after his match, our tennis captain was quite happy about his win but felt that he could have done better and his victory was quite unexpected as he had not played for a considerable amount of time.


Our captain, deep in concentration!

The 1st doubles was the next event in this exciting tennis competition. Played by Issac and Treye Teo, our team faced off against Chixuan Liu and Huajun Qin of RH, both of whom have much more experience than our players. Despite being the underdogs in this match up, our players fought courageously to do our hall proud.  Alas, due to better experienced RH players, our team lost with an overall score of 2-9. When interviewed, Issac and Treye both felt that the opposing team was evenly matched in terms of skills and technique, but due to RH’s superior experience, they were not able to secure a victory. Another reason they gave was that RH was more aggressive in the games, adding to the fact that they made some careless mistakes. The players felt that this competition would improve their overall experience level as well as their techniques in tennis and they are proud to have represented KE7 in IHG.

The intense 1st doubles!

The final segment of the competition had the 3rd singles as well as the 2nd doubles held simultaneously on the tennis courts at around 9pm. On one side, we had Rajeev playing against Pin Quan from RH. On the other side, we had Jinghe and Darrell Lim playing against Vibol Seng and Loo Tiat Ming of RH. The 3rd singles was an intense competition as both players were very strong. Being the tallest player in KE7 tennis team, Rajeev had the initial advantage, with the height to deliver strong serves. However, according to captain Kegan, being too tall also disadvantages the player; he would find it harder and slower to intercept the tennis ball if it is travelling at a low height.  The 2nd doubles was also an intense one as our team scored some points before losing to RH with an overall score of 5-9. The 3rd singles ended with an overall score of 8-9, the closet loss we had against RH. When interviewed, Rajeev expressed a little disappointment as he felt he could have done better. He felt that he was too nervous at times and that he lost concentration sometimes. Another reason he gave was that the opponent was very experienced.  As for the players of the 2nd doubles, they felt that lady luck was not at their side and they could have used some of the sudden death points to score some points which they failed to do so. They were a little disappointed but were confident that they would be better tennis players with this defeat.


2nd doubles - our team prepares to face off with RH

After the tennis match, I had the opportunity to interview the captain about his views of his team. He said that despite being a relatively new team, their performance in this year’s IHG was spectacular and that he is proud of his team. He felt that with more time and patience, KE7’s tennis team would grow stronger and can do better in subsequent IHGs.

3rd singles

The final score thus stands at 1-4. Although KE lost to RH, it was a humbling experience and experience booster for the tennis team. Let’s keep our fighting spirits up even with the losses and support the other sports team in IHG!


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