Games Night : A night not to be missed

Reported by : Koh Pin Lang

Edited by : Victor Lee

If you missed out on Games Night, you’ll probably have to wait a long while before you can enjoy another great East Wing supper. This annual event has been held for the past 3 years. While the idea of having fun and playing games remained, I assure you the event is very different from last year. Tempted by the early door gift, I arrived at the communal hall early and got a nice bar of chocolate! The turnout for the event seemed quite good. As I sat down beside a fellow blocker, I realize that some West wing people were present as well. The ever hospitable AB Block Committee seemed to have invited West Wing for the event as well. Oh, the more the merrier! The supper officially started after a brief speech by the new AB RF, Professor Chiu.

The best artist wins!

The best artist wins!

The first game was adapted from the popular smartphone application, Draw Something. For those who have never heard of this application, it’s basically ‘Pictionary’ but on a smartphone. The two emcees Jen and Sue Yuin were encouraging and asked for volunteers from the audience.  The crowd was quite responsive and everyone had a good time laughing and guessing the pictures drawn. One of my favorite moments was the battle between the block heads, Vicki and Winnie. Armed with a marker, the block heads set out to draw the most convincing picture. The initial drawings were slightly odd. Winnie drew a rectangular block-like thing. As for Vicki’s drawing…it didn’t make much sense either. However, when Winnie started drawing a second picture that resembled a drumstick, someone from the crowd rushed to the front of the stage and shouted ‘Butter Chicken!’, which was the correct answer.  Despite being a AB blocker, I must admit that Winnie is slightly more talented in drawing.

Look at all that food.

Look at all that food!

With the end of the first game, supper was served.  Trays and trays of food were laid out at the sides with the block committee members ready to dish out the tasty food. Interestingly, there were some new dishes, like kaya toast. I think what puzzled me the most was the Japanese pancake (Okonomiyaki). It looked rather odd to me at first but with the addition of Japanese fish flakes, seaweed and sauce, it begun to resemble a little like a blown-up version of the Japanese octopus balls. In fact, many blockers said it tasted a little like it but with way more vegetables. After reaching the end of the serving table, my plate was piled high with nuggets, fries and fruits. But my favorite was the ice cream cream puffs. Even writing about it makes me hungry! With my plate of food in one hand and a drink the other, I settled down for part 2 of Games Night.

East Wing-ers!

East Wing-ers!

When the next game stated, I found it oddly familiar. Suddenly, it struck me that it was adapted from the TV show Minute to Win, where the contestants had to perform seemingly simple tasks using everyday items such as straws. A handful of blockers from each block had to be sent on stage for this game. The crowd shouted different names enthusiastically and the teams were soon formed. Each team member was up against the opposing team for an individual challenge. One of the tasks was particularly entertaining to watch. Hwee Ting and Yan Yi were first up in a slipper throwing competition. Holding a laundry bag in hand, Yan Yi had to catch the slippers thrown by Hwee Ting, who was only allowed to use her toes. It was hilarious watching the girls as they tried to figure out the best way to perform their respective tasks. Initially Yan Yi was confused about her role and caught the slippers with her hands then placing it in the laundry bag, After a reminder by the emcees, she soon able to catch the slippers with the laundry bag. As you might already expect, the numerous failed attempts left the crowd roaring in laughter. This reminds of the next task , ice-cream eating. It was a fight between Germaine and Yan Shi to see who can finish a bowl of ice cream faster. Taken straight out of the ice box, the ice creams were frozen hard and the contestants struggled to get to their ice cream. Germaine even broke the plastic bowl! The crowds were cheering and chanting for their own blockers. Yan Shi was declared the winner after devouring his ice cream.

The last segment of the supper was the lucky draw. The one and only prize was a lomography camera. Zhi Yi of B302 won the prize and the supper came to an end shortly after. Though Games Night 11/12 did not have sexy ‘babes’ (seniors, remember the ex AB and CD block heads with their great figures?) like last year,  it was a definitely a night to remember.



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