DND ’12: Interview with Isaac and Ashley, Block CD

Interviewed by Zachary Low

Edited by Celine Yeap

Today, we find ourselves talking to Isaac Chay and Ashley Tong, CD Block’s very own pageant contestants. Join us as we find out more about what they think of each other, and give us some insights on life in school!

Our CD pageant contestants, Ashley and Isaac

Z: As always, the first question is going to be… tell me about yourselves.

Isaac: I’m in softball, handball, tennis, and also the assistant producer for Hallplay.

Ashley: Marketing, OCIP Laos, and I’m also in NUS Climb (rock climbing).

Previously, Ashley was also overheard saying ‘I rate myself an 11 out of 10.’ That’s some serious belief in your own mojo there. Good stuff!

Z: Very nice. Now, legend has it that Isaac is the object of desire for the girls in this year’s Medicine Year Ones. Ashley, aren’t you worried when you hear knocks on your door at night? Ever received any death threats from jealous doctors-to-be?

Ashley: Oh, I’m not worried at all. Isaac doesn’t want to date M1s: he has a rule on intra-faculty dating.

Isaac nods sagely.

Z: And you know this because?

Ashley: Because I know all of Chay’s deepest, darkest secrets.

Z: And Chay, what do you have to say about this?

Isaac: I’m not the object of desire.


Ashley: It’s the eyebrows. That’s the real object of desire.

That’s what she said…

Z: So Ash, what’s it like being an Arts student in KE? Ever felt like you were discriminated as part of the minority?

Ashley: People in the science canteen always look at me as if I’m not supposed to be there.

Isaac: She’s the object of desire in Science. Guys look at her like ‘damn, she fly!’

While Ashley is the object of desire for all guys in Science, Chay's eyebrows are THE object of desire (albeit not for his fellow female classmates).

Z: Thanks for clearing things up. So, Chay, are you looking forward to dancing in front of everyone? Going to show the world how you twist?

Isaac: No, no, I can’t do that. I don’t have the moves. But I’ll try.

Ashley (indignantly): Do or do not, there is no try!

The Star Wars fan in me approves.

Z: What’s your greatest source of East Wing pride?

Isaac: Ashley. She motivates me to practice for pageant.


Ashley: The people… every night I can knock on someone’s door, knowing that someone will be there for me.

Z: And for our last question: imagine you are a character in a movie and you are facing off with your archenemy. It’s a no-win situation for you, and your enemy is about to make you shuffle off this mortal coil, as Shakespeare so eloquently puts it. What’s the last thing you’re going to say to the camera?

Ashley: Hasta la vista, baby!

Isaac: Mooooooommmmmmy! It’s ooooverrrrrrrr!

And that concludes the second part of our pageant participant interview series. Look out for the next instalment as we begin our journey to the West.


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