DnD 2011 – Night of the Black Gold: A Tribute to the People Behind the Scenes

Written by: Stephanie Yeo

Edited by: Jocelyn Yeo

This post is written in recognition of the unsung heroes of the DnD committee; the people who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes in the various departments – Programmes, Pageant, Publicity and Ticketing, and Marketing, to make DND 2011 a most memorable and resounding success.

The day started off early for the publicity and pageant teams, some of whom got up at 8am to prepare decorations, go down to the hairdresser’s and makeup or buy more props and logistics. By 1pm, the Marketing Room was in a flurry of activity as the committee ran through the flow of events and getting everything ready to be transported to Kent Ridge Guild House- décor, band equipment etc.

Upon reaching the venue, there was no time to pause, as the programmes team had their dry run with sound and light checks with the pageant contestants and band. The décor team dolled up the place with exquisite drapery, vases and burning incense to set the atmosphere for the Arabian themed night.

As the doors opened at 6pm and people started pouring in, members of the committee readied themselves to start the show, ushering everyone into the ballroom.

Although the schedule ran slightly over time, the team still managed to pull everything together, always cheerful and ready to help anyone with enquiries, and thinking out of the box in unforeseen, messy situations. No matter how tiring or stressful things were, they were innovative and steadfast, ironing out last minute changes and ensuring the smooth flow of events.

At the end of the whole event, there was a bittersweet outpouring of emotions, after all the blood, sweat and tears had off. Hugs of appreciation, thanks you’s and high fives were aplenty, as everyone celebrated each other’s efforts. To top things off, a big family photo was taken with everyone smiling and laughing their hearts out to a fruitful journey and a beautiful ending.

Let’s hear from some of the comm members about their experience!

How did you feel about tonight’s DND?

Lisa: it was better than expected!

Pau: I felt like a proud mother throughout the whole event. Watching them (the pageant contestants) was so exciting! You can keep on cheering without caring about what the world thinks of you.

Jingwen: It was fantastic effort there, my team is really incredible, everyone pulled their weight. They were exceptional people who went beyond their call of duty, really giving their all, taking initiative. There’s  Ming Zhou, my most “meng” and “zai” marketing head. We have Unnaa, freshman of the year.  We also have past year pageant contestants, Deshawn and Lisa coming back to help DND again. And Pau, she runs all the way, across Singapore to get the stuff for the pageant contestants. And Gehui, so focused, she knows what she’s doing and what to get. There’s Cherie and Julian who worked so so hard for the programme. And we have the pretty and capable Lisa Lau too!

Describe your journey as the co-head of DND this year

Lisa: it was incredible. I really really owe a lot to Jingwen for being such a good co-head. He really took care of everything!

Describe your journey as one of the pageant co-heads this year

Pau: It’s a continuous process of emails and communication with other parties. Whenever there meetings, it’s not just about doing it through the computer and you find this sponsor or that sponsor. When everything falls into place, after all the practices, I think today was the best part of the whole thing.

A shout-out to those who want to join DND next year:

Lisa: Do join! Although it is tiring, it’s really fun and the experience is worth it!

Pau: Be consistent, be patient, and always be happy. No matter what you do, do everything out of love for the people.

KE Press apologises for the lack of photots which were not available at press time. They will be added as soon as possible.


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  1. 1 asdf
    April 3, 2011 at 11:28 AM

    Hello! What happened to Open house and other events?

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