interview with the hall king – jerwin!

Writer: Avik & Adriel Leong
Editor: Ong Qing Liang


Congrats!”How does this word make you feel when you hear it over and over again, now that you are KE royalty?

Some are funny, some get a bit annoying. I just don’t let it get to me.

“The Title of King Edward VII hall King, 2010 goes to……Jerwin!!!” (screams event emcee), Immediate reaction?

I was furious… Lisa? How could Shereen not have won it? :P

On stage were you confident or just a bundle of nerves?

We were very nervous, but we were definitely having fun out there.

Attention here Attention there, Oh why do people stare…How do you handle post-DnD attention?

Honestly speaking, my ego is sky high right now. About time for some much-needed damage control…

Tell us, how is your pre DnD hall life different from the post DnD one?

I definitely got to know a lot more wonderful KE people during DnD so now I wouldn’t have to worry about going up to the dining hall and eating dinner alone anymore.

Has members of the opposite sex showed you more attention post D&D?

Nah… KE girls are all so prim and proper.

Why did you think you won?

I went to church the week before and prayed really really hard for it.

Who were your biggest competitors (Time to say something nice about all the other contestants)

Haha everyone of course, Songkai, Andy, Deshawn and Adriel. They are all crazy and awesome people and they all deserve the hall king title.

Biggest Takeaway from D&D?

Far too many to mention… The whole experience was just simply amazing.

Most Enjoyable part of D&D?

Dance practices with the pageant people were legendary…

How will your reign be? (Post D&D activities/plans)

Ask our queen for that. I’m under her.

Who would you like to thank?

The whole DnD committee, Ben, Esther, Desmond and the gang, for organizing the event

All the other contestants for making the experience so fun and unforgettable

And everyone who has come down for DnD, they made the event a success

Tell us the most attractive + unattractive portion of yourselves? (can be personality, looks anything!)

I really don’t know how to answer this. But I think most people should have seen me by now so I’ll leave this for them to judge…

Anything you would like to say for yourself or about someone else, DnD related of course…

No more QnA’s please. Please please please…


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