DnD pageant contestants (I) – Jerwin & Shereen from CD!

Writer: Avik Sarkar

We managed to catch the pageant contestants from CD and made them answer some questions so that the rest of us KEVIIans can get to know them better! :D

And off we go, starting with Jerwin!

Chemical Engineering

Why that course?
Same as why I’m in pageant I guess. I have a tendency of getting myself into things I end up regretting … hahaha

Pre-University Life?
I did my tutorials like a good RJ student. Played some volleyball and basketball here and there.

He cannot live without!
Family and friends of course.

You can find him at!
Central Library at day. Study Room at night ^O-O^

Why he thinks he should be in this contest
Strikingly handsome – check
Oozing with charisma – check
Great character – check
Highly delusional – check

What he likes most about being in this contest…

Definitely not answering QnA’s like this. Sorry(hehehe) ;P

His wildest and naughtiest trip down the memory lane is…
KE beating EH in this year’s IHG volleyball game? I guess that game was pretty wild…

About the model in him…
Wrong question. I think the question should be who’s the model I’m in! Haha can’t believe I actually said that :p

How he handles female attention..
I try to pretend I haven’t looked at her first.

Campus life…

His body…
Is God’s masterpiece….
Nah kidding, I’m healthy and I’m thankful for that :)

His wildest dream…
Seriously, what’s with you people and the idea of wild? I am a well-mannered person with real aspirations of making the world a better place.

If he was magically transported to the 70’s, he would…
Get a room in KE7.

If he had the choice of magically transporting someone from the 70’s, it would be…
The same me who was “magically” transported to the 70’s in the previous question I guess…

Now, for some time with Shereen!



Why that course?
Wants to spread the joy of laughter esp to those who are down :)

Pre-University Life?
Typical life of a nerd in KL schools ;)

She cannot live without!

You can find her at!
The tennis court

Why she thinks she should be in this contest…
Forced by HUI MIN!!! Haha… And I wanted to try out something different that I would remember in 20 years time (when I’m old and flabby) and let my grand kids laugh at me :)

What she likes most about being in this contest..
Never thought dancing could be sooo much fun!!

Her wildest and naughtiest trip down the memory lane is…
I would never do anything naughty!! I’m sugar and spice and everything nice *winks*

About the model in her…
Will be unleashed during Dinner and Dance :P

How she handles male attention…
I’m a shy girl ;).. generally quite quiet to the guy I like and vice versa.

Campus life…
I’ve never had so much fun despite having mountains of work to do. I attempt to try different things before time runs out.

Her body…
Needs LOADS of SLEEP. Even the old folk during the Hallplay outing told me not to sleep soo much..zzz

Her wildest dream…
I wanted to be Britney Spears Jhahaha.. omg!!  What was I thinking!!

If she was magically transported to the 70’s, she would…
Panic!!! … and try to return to the 21st century ASAP!!  No doubt about that.. I worry too much…

If she had the choice of magically transporting someone from the 70’s, it would be…
The Carpenters! :)


2 Responses to “DnD pageant contestants (I) – Jerwin & Shereen from CD!”

  1. 1 Jerwin
    March 18, 2010 at 1:32 AM

    no avik… whats with adding hahaha and hehehe at the end of my responses man…

  2. 2 esther
    March 25, 2010 at 1:15 AM

    HAHA jerwin, do you stil regret joining pageant now that you’re crowned the HALL KING???? WOOTSSSS!

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