Hall King and Queen Interview

Written by Mitchell Yeo

Edited by Ong Hui Shan

While attempting to organize the interview with the Hall King and Queen, it was clear that the chemistry between the east-wingers is very good. Both of them displayed due consideration for each other, always asking if the other had lessons. Let’s find out the post DND-feelings from the regal couple of CD Block.

Press: Immediate reaction upon being crowned King and Queen?

Isaac: I was d*** shocked, didn’t expect it. I was just in it to have fun and make new friends.

Ashley: Can I answer first so that I can say those two lines? I was not expecting it either. Amongst all the girls, I was the least active person in hall!

Press: Who was your biggest competition?

Isaac: Shaam! All the guys are d*** c**** ; there was no competition amongst us. All of us were just in it to have fun.

Ashley: Chay. *laughs. Jen. She is so haps and tall. She has a lot of CCA points from just one semester of stay; she is so crazily involved, always volunteering to be emcee and other activities. And she doesn’t even need to because she is on exchange.


Intense chemistry between Ashley and Isaac



Press: Has post-DND life been different from pre-DND life?

Isaac: Webcasting is my new best friend. But no, not much difference. People still calls me Isaac or Chay with the occasional disses of “hall king”.

Ashley: End of DND freed up a lot of time and the sudden realization of the need to begin studying.

Press: Has members of the opposite gender displayed more attention post D&D?

Isaac: NO. But more people in hall have said “hi” to me. I live in D Block; the ulu part of hall, so not many people know me. But I am still not getting any.

Ashley: People I don’t know say hi and hall queen under their breath. *laughs


Press: What is most memorable about the entire process?

Isaac: It brought everyone closer especially when we were struggling with the dance. It was good to have the Shaam along to help.

Ashley: The dance practices! We put a lot of time into it and it was really fun. The chorographers were experimenting with weird stunts and all.


AY10/11 and AY11/12 Hall King: David and Isaac



Press: What do you think about Melissa picking Isaac to live on the island together?

Isaac: Zachary was not around for most of the catwalk and dance practices and I was always the stand-in to partner Melissa. And I am of the same height as Zach so I could try on his costumes. So in that way, we got closer. But I can use my limited medical knowledge to save her and I know CPR now.

Ashley: So, you might just get some after all.


Press: So, I was in the DND-nominee interview with you guys. Do you think I stood a chance at toppling the Hall King?

Isaac: YES, YOU WOULD! YOU WOULD GET A LOT OF VOTES. HALL BEAST.  On a personal level, when I was selling DND tickets to my Hall Play steering committee, Pin Lang mentioned that she would vote for you if you were one of the contestants. So yes, you would stand a chance.

Ashley: *speechless and stares into blank space.

Thanks for the support Pin Lang.


Press: So, tell us the secret of CD Block. How is it that you guys are able to produce the Hall King over and over again?

Ashley: Hide them in a corner of the hall and all of a sudden, bring them out for all to see for the first time and BOOM.


Press: Speaking of CD Block, any idea who played the prank on April’s Fools Day?

Isaac: No idea. Someone said it’s Sophie but she’s not tall enough. My friend from FASS also knew about the prank. I really want to know who did it, it’s so cool.

Ashley: No idea either. It was very freaky; I was home for the weekend.


AY10/11 and AY11/12 Hall Queen: Yutong and Ashley



Press: So, does Ashley really go for brainy guys (based on your answer during Q&A)?

Ashley: Not to Sheldon Cooper’s extent. I am an English Nazi; it is something I won’t compromise on. I would go for someone I can hold a conversation with, and not having to constantly correct him.


Press: Fellow pageant contestant Zachary is a Grammar Nazi too. Would you consider him?

Isaac: He has big boobs and is a first-class c***. Would he even consider you?

Ashley: *seriously pondering He’s too full of himself. Chay is also full of himself. Actually all the guys are full of themselves, Jack being the least.


Red Riding Hood and Huntsman



Prior to the interview, office staff Jackie was chatting with our royalties. She even wants a photo of the couple printed with their signatures to be displayed in the office.

Press: It sounds like Jackie is your biggest fan. What do you have to say about that?

Isaac: She is damn cool; (I) respect how she remembers everyone’s names. She knew my name even before I checked in.

Ashley: She takes the effort to know the residents. It is very commendable and she is a fun person to talk to. She’s very cute; she knew the pageant contestants and couldn’t decide who to vote for.


At this point, Jackie walks in with cups of tea and biscuits. (The resident interviewer had a share too.) She even asked our hall queen if one packet of sugar was sufficient. Need I say more? Jackie said that she had voted for Celine knowing that Ashley would have won. Jackie went on to say that she was under the impression that Ashley and Wesley were dating as they once had breakfast together. Even their names rhyme.


Isaac: Jackie is the only one who has showed me special treatment. I am touched. The most romantic thing a girl can say to a guy: I cannot finish my food; can you eat it for me?

Ashley: I cannot finish my biscuit; can you eat it for me?




Press: Any closing statements? Anyone you would like to thank? Anything you want to say to your subjects in hall?

Isaac:  I would like to thank the DND committee, especially the pageant side.

Ashley: Mummy Elaine, Shaam and Celestine! They followed us everywhere for costumes-fitting and dance practices. Elaine was like a baby-sitter, always taking care of us even when she was ill.

And this concludes the intimate interview with our victorious couple, Isaac and Ashley! All hail the Hall King and Queen of 2012!


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