Rockfest 2012 : A concert that cannot be missed

Reported by : Koh Pin Lang

Edited by : Victor Lee

It has been quite a while since I last went for a concert. I must admit that this is one of the many reasons that I attended ‘RockFest: Because of Rock’, where every hall band made performed renditions of their favorite rock songs. There were a total of 10 performances, ranging from individual hall bands to alumni band to combined bands. Although there were many items performed, I can still remember some of the better ones till today!

The Smoking Marshalls!

The Smoking Marshalls!

KE’s Smoking Marshalls was definitely worth watching. Being the second act of the night, the Smoking Marshall certainly raised the bar for the rest of the bands. With a charismatic lead singer Sheikh and his talented band mates (Deborah, Frederick, Melvin, Eugene and Annisa), everyone was hyped up The band started their performance with a rock version of the Singapore national anthem, stunning the crowd slightly. Though unexpected, I thought the rendition was quite good and judging by the enthusiastic applause from the crowd, everyone else seemed to think so too. The band performed a total of 3 songs. First up was the all- time favorite Power Rangers theme song. It was a real treat to listen to this and clearly everyone was enjoying themselves. I think what really caught me off guard was how talented Eugene was on the guitar! He always seems so quiet in hall but trust me, if you hear him on the guitar you’ll probably change your mind!  Soon, most joined in the singing as Sheikh and Deb belted out the familiar chorus line, “Go Go Power Rangers!”.

Calm and composed, but Melvin rocked the stage!

Calm and composed, but Melvin rocked the stage!

With the crowd hyped up with Power Rangers Sheikh performed a solo piece, I’ll never let you go, by SteelHeart. Apparently, the song was a favorite of Sheikh since it showed off the original singer’s fantastic vocals. Though I have never heard the song before, I am sure that Sheikh’s vocals are probably comparable to the original singer. As he sang, the crowd waved their hands. The song eventually ended on a high note despite being slightly lengthy. It was during the second song that I realized Sheikh was on a stripping streak. He had taken off his jacket initially and after his second song, his shirt. By the start of the third, he was wearing only his singlet. The third song was a real upbeat song, Final Countdown. As Sheikh sang, he took off his singlet and was singing the song half-naked. For those who are not familiar with Sheikh, he does bodybuilding so his body shape is in top shape. A combination of his antics and the wonderful performance by the band wowed the crowd and all the KEVIIans present cheered at the top of their voices!

Fans rising up to the beat of the music

Another band that was rather unique was the Sheares Band. The adoring SH fans had gathered in front of the stage, all ready to cheer and scream their hearts out. Despite her small stature, the lead singer was really groovy. She and the Sheares Band performed Ricky Martin‘s ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca’ and Sheikh even went on stage to dance. Next up was ‘Smooth’ by Santana. But I think what really got everyone’s attention was the introduction of the band members. Not that they were really good looking hunks or babes, but it is because this band has a DJ! The DJ gave a solo performance during the last song, ‘Larger than Life’. This familiar Backstreets Boys song had fans jumping and I think it was partly the reason why the chairs were removed to allow more people to indulge themselves.

Deborah : Small in stature, powerful in vocals

Deborah : Small in stature, powerful in vocals

The Alumni band, Pulses’ performance was indeed different. For one thing, the energy level of this band was probably way higher than the others. As a result, the music was played really loud and I unable to hear the lyrics clearly. What was commendable was that they sang 2 original songs and although I am no connoisseur of rock music, I thought it wasn’t too bad!

The last performance of the RockFest was the combined band from Kent Ridge and Sheares. The last song performed, ‘In the End’ by Linkin Park, ended the show with a BANG! Seeing the large crowd that had gathered in front of the stage, I decided to join them in jumping and singing along. It was an interesting experience though I didn’t expect that jumping would be so tiring! RockFest was indeed a one of a kind experience and I regret not going for last year. Though my ears have stopped ringing, the songs performed remained in my heads though it has been days after the concert. Even now, I’m writing this article while singing to the ‘Humans’ by The Killers, which was performed by TH band. Hopefully everyone can come down to support RockFest next year!


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