DnD E block contestant: Celine Yeap

Written by Colin Ng

Edited by Ong Hui Shan

In this part of the pageant contestant interview series, we will be finding out more about E Block’s pageant contestant Celine Yeap!

E block pageant contestant, Celine

Q: So let’s start this off with the oh-so-cliché question: Tell me more about yourself.

Celine: I’m Celine, a year 1 Life Science major. In hall, I’m involved in (the) block committee and KE Press, and I play touch rugby, badminton and swim.

E block pageant contestant, Celine (Summer edition)

Q: You are a freshie, so how has your 2 semesters of stay in KE7 been? Have you had any memorable experiences?

Celine: My stay in KE has been a whole new experience of learning how to balance work and play. The most memorable experiences are surprisingly the simplest – suppers, late night HTHTs, camping like muggers at the dining hall and a whole lot more.

Q: It’s good to see that you are enjoying your hall stay. Now, after staying in E block for so long, how would you describe E blockers?

Celine: Die hard supper fans, seriously. What can I say – we have the best block suppers (courtesy of Joanne, our awesome cook cum block head), and not forgetting Alex, our famous muah chee (among other things) chef.

So I guess it is reasonable to conclude that E blockers love to Om Nom Nom J


What E blockers love to do

Q: Let’s talk about DnD. Since the theme for the upcoming DnD is related to fear, what is it that you fear the most?

Celine: Beetles, lizards, bugs and other things that crawl around in my room. Haha, all jokes aside, the thing I think I fear the most is taking risks. I would describe myself as someone who is not adventurous. Taking chances and wading into unfamiliar territory is a constant fear. Hall, however, has been a place for me to take risks, try new things and perhaps in time, overcome this fear.

Q: I am sure that KE7 will provide you with many opportunities to do just that. Now, I shall harp on this fear theme: which scary character would you want to be and why?

Celine: Alex Mah. He’s quite scary, (but only) on the surface.

“Scary” Alex

Q: Besides being scary on the surface, what do you think of Alex?

Celine: Alex is the self-proclaimed (but actually not very) cultured ah-beng who often and most if not all of the time creates awkward silences with his awkward comments, provoking allergic reactions from Yasmin when certain expletives (in different languages and dialects) escape his mouth either purposefully or accidentally. But underneath all that, Alex is a nice guy, really.

Q: And for my last question, how confident are you that you will become the pageant queen?
If you hadn’t asked, I would have forgotten that this was a “competition”, haha. To be honest (not trying to sound diplomatic here), we’re so different and to compare each other’s “chances” against the other would do little good. We’re all in this for the fun. The title of Hall Queen is nothing greater than the experience we’ve made out of it!

With that, we conclude this part of our pageant contestant interview series and I hope that now we know a little more about Celine. Look forward to the next part of our series!


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