Around the World in One Night – KEVIIans Day, 2012

Written by Ng Wee Yang

Edited by Celine Yeap

KEVIIans day, the event that all KEVIIans had been waiting for took place on the 8th of March. The even began at 9 pm. KEVIIans day is a time in which we, KEVIIans, celebrate and appreciate the contributions of each and every KEVIIan to hall, no matter what activities they are involved in. This year’s theme for KEVIIan’s Day was “Around the World in 1 Night”, a concept borrowed from the well known movie “Around the World in 80 Days”. Following the theme, the communal hall was decked out in decorations of national flags, cut-out aeroplanes and even clouds to depict the multi-cultural and multi-ethnicity of this year’s theme.

Welcome to KEVIIans Day 2012!

When I arrived at the communal hall at 9m, I was greeted warmly and handed a red “passport”. Apparently, the condition was that one had to play certain games to gain a “stamp” to be used as a token to some of the mouth-watering food that was on display. Talking about food (where do I even start?!) there was a sumptuous spread of delicacies from different continents and countries. To mention a few –  there was pasta and Pizza bread on offer at the Italian counter, a mixed fruit salad with yoghurt, chicken stew and garlic bread (on offer at the Western corner) and my personal favourite, Iranian Kebab. The iconic Taiwanes milk tea, complete with tapioca pearls and sparkling ribena cordial was there to quench our thirst.

Food from many different countries was up for grabs!

No doubt, one of the many highlights of KEVIIans day were the station games. With ridiculous and questionable names, we had games such as flippity flip, kegelspiel, simisutra, marble rush and oolong rabbit. Being slightly less adventurous, I decided to participate in “Flippity Flop”, an old-school eraser game in which the objective was to flip your eraser on top of  that of your opponents’. I daresay, as simple as it sounds, it was not as easy as I thought (though eventually I did win the game)! The next game that I tried was “Kegelspiel”, a game modelled after the sport we all know as bowling. The twist to this – instead of bowling pins, water bottles were used and the bowling ball was replaced by either sandals or pillow. This was a game that required an adequate amount of force used to launch your sandal or pillow. Next up, I played “Marble Rush”, a game involving the use of chopsticks to transfer marbles into your opponent’s bowl. The one with the most marbles at the end of one minute loses. Contrary to what I believed, my chopstick handling skills were not up to par! So if you thought your handling of chopstick was good, you should have tried out this game and be the judge for yourself!

Kegelspiel, bowling with objects you never knew you could bowl with!

The next strangely-titled game I played was called “Oolong Rabbit”. The concept fitting to this year’s theme  was based on language translation. Languages such as Japanese, Korean, Latin and French were featured. The objective was to translate as many languages in a single sentence – highly amusing, I would say, for a native speaker. Another game, called the “War Game” featured shooting your opponent’s toy soldiers with nothing more than a rubber band and a small paper ball.

Shoot your opponent's toy soldiers with nothing more than a rubber band and a small paper ball.

The ultimate highlight of the night were two stage games – Clothing Maniac and a Hotdog Bun eating competition. These stage games had the whole communal hall in a state of uncontrollable laughter. Needless to say, it was hilarious watching the (sabotaged) volunteers from both wings battle it out. The clothing maniac had east wing girls pitted against west wing girls and the likewise for guys. In the spirit of fun, it was a race between the two teams – seeing who could change into jackets hanging on clothes rack fast enough and complete a circuit whilst being attached to a clothing rack. The mere sight of them moving around in a hanger and in a group was hilarious. The second game was a bun eating competition. Teams players would take turns to eat the hotdog buns filled with the unknown ingredients. From peanut butter to chilli padi, the contents were unimaginable. The fastest team to eat all their hotdog buns would win. In the end, East wing won this competition. Frankly speaking, I salute those involved in the competition, eating full and suspiciously filled buns was no easy task.

Clothing maniac!

With the end of this last game, KEVIIans’ Day ended.  An eventful night it was, and an even more memorable one! Let’s see how next year’s event would upstage this year’s KEVIIans day!


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