IHG Closing Ceremony

Reported by : Koh Pin Lang

Edited by : Victor Lee

Months of grueling trainings and matches officially ended on 13th February with the IHG Closing ceremony. The ceremony wasn’t particularly well received by certain halls. Seated at the grandstand were mainly participants from EH, TH and RH while the remaining three halls had a dismal turnout. Despite having few KEViians turning up at the ceremony, those of us who were there were highly supportive of the wonderful performances by our KE Titans and Smoking Marshalls.

Associate Prof Tan Teck Koon (Dean of Students, Office of Student Affairs) was invited to grace the event. To kickstart the ceremony, AP Tan and the conveying committee head gave brief speeches. The first performance of the ceremony was by KE Titans. Starting the performance with a lively and cutesy song, our cheerleaders captured the attention of the audience. The upbeat music brought a lively feel to the stadium as we enjoyed the performance. The cheerleaders performed the dangerous stunts effortlessly as the girls climbed onto the guys’ shoulders and balanced with a single leg. What was more amazing was their ability to remain calm, smiling all the way while dishing out neat routines with superb precision. For a team that is only three years old, I would say that they have indeed showed their potential and perhaps exceeded their expected progress. Words cannot do justice to them, so please view their performance here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0j2bN4RcFk&feature=youtu.be

Other than our wonderful Titans, the Smoking Marshalls were awesome as well. Performing that night was Jerusha, Claris and Keith. Though the band was small, it was lovely to hear good vocals. To show our support, KEViians had positioned themselves right in front of the band. Singing the first song (Put your records on) was Jerusha. In a husky voice, Jerusha gave a melodious rendition of the song. Unfortunately, the ballad was unsuited for the large crowd, who instantly drowned out Jerusha’s voice. But for those of us in front, it was indeed a pleasurable experience. Up next was Claris, singing Price Tag. This song was slightly more upbeat and popular among the crowd. As Claris crooned to the mike, KEViians sang along with her. In fact, the chorus was particularly loud as most of us were much more familiar with it. To end off the performance, Jerusha sang “More than Words”. The song was specially picked for the next day, 14th February, Valentine ’s Day! As Jerusha sang, I could see that she was emotionally engaged. The rest of us clapped and sang along with her. The mood was oddly relaxing, considering the noisy crowd behind us. Perhaps, that had something to do with Ruth’s constant declarations of love to people around her during the song. Personally, I feel that Smoking Marshalls put up a great performance despite the not-so-conducive environment. Great job guys!

In addition to the sterling performance from our hall, other halls also sent out their representatives as well. RH’s band performed three songs. Their songs, such as ‘Mr Brightside’ and ‘Superstitious’, were more suited for a large open aired stadium with a noisy audience. TH sent their cheerleading team, TH Twisters, for the event. Though the Twisters are currently 9 years old, I must say that their performance was less than satisfactory. Their moves were untidy and most of the time unsuccessful. At one point in time, they even forget to keep up to the beat of the music, and seemed lost during the performance. Despite being told that some of their moves/formations are particularly hard, I would prefer to watch a simple but well-executed routine as compared to a difficult but sub-standard one. KR Steepers (KR’s cheerleading team), on the other hand, were impressive. With their well thought formation that was both clean cut and impressive, they wowed the crowd. Even Alvin, our KE Titian’s cheerleading head, was impressed by the Steppers’ moves. The standard of performance corresponded well with the 13 years of experience.

The ceremony ended with the prize giving ceremony. The fact that EH won the overall champion was no surprise. As the residents of EH gather their trophies and celebrated with a jog around the track with their flag flying, the ceremony came officially to an end. In that moment, I felt a little sad. Though KEViians trained hard and did our best, we had to settle for last place. But nevertheless, as long we have hopes in our hearts and continue to put in effort, we can fly our flag just like EH someday!


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