IHG Floorball [M]: 1st Preliminary Round vs. Raffles Hall, WIN 7-2

Reported by Ng Wee Yang

Edited by Celine Yeap

KE7 Males Floorbal Team!

The evening of the 6th of February was the 1st preliminary round for the floorball males. This time, KE7 faced off against players from RH (Raffles Hall). Before the event started, our team was seen busy doing their warm-up and shooting the ball back and forth amongst themselves. Just a few minutes before the event, the players gathered around to discuss their strategy and was treated to a final motivational talk. Floorball is a game played in three thirds, each lasting 20 minutes.

A prep talk from their coach


The whistle was blown to signal the start of the game at around 7pm. Almost immediately, players from RH seized control by tucking the ball to their side and nearly scoring a goal. Agrression was the name of the game with RH, as our players were shoved from all sides, resulting in calls from the referee. Our team gained the opportunity for a free shot. During the first half of the game, our line-up of players were substituted every 5 minutes in quick succession. With intense excitement, our team almost scored a goal, were it not for RH’s goalkeeper who caught the ball on time. During the duration of the first round, both teams scored several goals, with RH scoring one point. Half-time was called at around 7:25 pm.

Ming Zhou and Wai Kit with good teamwork!

The ball in the safe hands of our goalie, Yan Shi

The second third commenced almost immediately and proved to be an extremely fruitful one for KE7,  managing to score goal after goal. The first success for this third occurred merely 5 minutes into the round and it was followed by a collective applause from the many supporters from our hall. The second and third goals were secured nearing the end of the third. Though RH managed to stand their ground after these victories, our goals were a morale booster for the guys of the team. At around 8:05pm, the second round ended but the coach gathered everyone to discuss the strategy for the final round. Confident and ready to win, our players trudge in for the final battle.

Wesley scores one of our many goals!

The last third commenced with a string of coordinated and organised offensive attacks upon RH. With this strategy brought to life, the boys managed to score a point only 5 minutes into the round. RH also managed to make a comeback by scoring a point and their players were commendable in their solid defense. In an accumulation of events, KE7 managed to score a final goal at around 8:20pm. With that, the game was concluded with an overall score of 7-2, our floorball males emerging victorious.

A defensive formation

Well done to the KE7 floorball males team! Let us wish them luck in the upcoming game against Eusoff Hall and show our show our support in future games to come!


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