Male Volleyball: KE VS RH, lost 0-2

Written by Shi Yangyang

Edited by Mao Yinan

As a very popular and interesting game among the world, volleyball is usually played with hands or arms, but players can strike or push with any part of the body. First, a team serve the ball. Then each team tries to score points by grounding the ball onto opponent’s court and wining the rally. However, at the same time, no one is allowed to touch the ball for consecutive two times.  The most competitive thing about volleyball I think is that no one is fixed in the court. Everyone is going to change his place during the game. Today’s male volleyball is KE VS RH. It plays best-of-three to 25.

Here came the game. The first race, Raffles kept ahead of us. When the score is 5:1, Eric asked for a break. All the players got together, talked about the opponent’s advantage and disadvantage. At the same time, we are a little bit rush. Experienced senior also shared his experience and judgement.

Analysing, discussing and improving

Just after the break, we got a very beautiful rally and got one more point.  Although Raffles is all the way ahead ofus, it seldom reduced our passion. Everyone was trying to do his best and gave the audience an awesome match.

Look! A nice spiking!

A spiking!

What impressed me most was the beginning of the second race. First, we got a nice first point, which made us 0:1 ahead of Raffles.  After that, as Raffles player commit some fault and we were ahead of them for some time. The supporters even shout for “KE, coaching”, which inspired players very much. At that time, both confidence and hope came back to us.  Everyone was in his place without rushing.

Everyone is in his place

The match finally ended with the mercy rule of Raffles. They managed to get the success of the first two races. Although we lost the game, our passion and confidence are still with us. All the Keviians will be with the players towards the next challenge, which is KE VS TH. Thank you, guys! And Good luck for your next match!


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