soccer males: KE vs EH draw 2-2

Written by Colin Ng

Edited by Ong Hui Shan

A resounding “KE!” by the spirited KE7 male soccer team marked the beginning of the match with Eusoff Hall (EH) on 27th January 2012. The kick off began at 8.18pm and EH wasted no time in launching the first wave of attack in the 5th minute. A shot from outside the penalty box was delivered on target but our trusty KE7 goalkeeper, Nelson, was not caught off-guard. In fact, he caught the ball so beautifully that it triggered deafening screams and compliments from the growing number of KE7 supporters. In the 15th minute, KE had a corner kick but sadly, it ended up in the possession of the EH midfielder who delivered a shot on target. Despite this, someone was there to save the day – yes, it was, once again, Nelson.

Up till this point, KE7 and EH had been rather evenly matched, but the big break came in the 22nd minute – the ball was passed from mid-field to Arjun, who was just outside the penalty box. Arjun quickly closed in on the EH goal where the EH goalkeeper tried to stop him but to no avail. It was just Arjun and an EH defender standing shoulder-to-shoulder right in front of the goal. The EH defender frantically tried to clear the ball with a header, which made contact, but in the direction of the EH goal! With that, all it took was a highly accurate kick from Arjun’s long leg and KE7 was leading 1-0! This score was maintained all the way till half time. After watching the first half, I must really commend Nelson for the many nice saves that he had made. Without his iron defence, KE7 would have conceded many goals by half time, so good job Nelson!

The second half started off with many furious attacks by EH, which ultimately paid off in the 60th minute, when they managed to score an equaliser while the KE7 penalty box was in chaos. This dampened our spirits a little but Cun Zhi quickly set that right in the 62nd minute. He took a shot from mid-field (mind you, it was mid-field!) and the ball made a high smooth arc in the air before slotting nicely into the back of the net. Everyone was stunned. It took many of us a few seconds to register what was just witnessed before we burst into euphoric cheers and applause. I would have to say that this goal is arguably one of the best goals of the season.

With KE leading 2-1, EH picked up their game tempo, managing 2 attempts at the goal in the 74th and 75th minutes. Nevertheless, these shots either narrowly passed over the cross bar or was saved by Nelson. Tension mounted in the 80th minute when EH earned a penalty kick, as this presented an opportunity for them to score their much needed equaliser. Everyone prayed hard that Nelson would rise to the occasion, and once again, he did not fail us. After the referee blew the whistle, the penalty kick was directed to the right of the goal. Nelson dived and was just in time to deflect the ball out of the goal. Once again, we erupted into screams and cheers. 5 minutes later, an EH winger made a shot from the right side of the field and it curved towards the right side of the goal. Nelson dived but was a little too late in stopping it – EH thus got their equalising goal.

The match ended with a draw score of 2-2. The KE7 team has undeniably put up a fine display of skills, teamwork and sportsmanship. Kudos to them! Let’s be sure to catch their next match in the coming week!


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