A time of food and fun : IHG Supper

Reported by : Koh Pin Lang

Edited by: Victor Lee

Welcome back KEVIIans to a fresh semester! If you do not already know, the Inter Hall Games (IHG) season has officially started. IHG is a yearly event where the 6 halls in NUS battle it out in various sports.  On Thursday, 12th Jan, our dearest JCRC has organized the IHG opening supper to commemorate the event and to reward KEVIIans who have fought/ are going to fight for our victories in the past/upcoming matches.

At 10pm, KEVIIans had already assembled at the dining hall in anticipation of supper. Though there wasn’t a large crowd at first, more and more people started streaming in. To start the supper proper, the JCRC had invited our Hall Master, Associate Professor Ho, to speak and encourage KEVIIans to do well in the IHG season. Hall Master spoke of the need to give our best in the upcoming matches and even if we are no sports hall, we must “make it hard for the other halls to win” and show them that we are no pushovers. Personally, the idea of giving the other halls a tough fight was particularly important. Like many other KEVIIans who have stayed in hall for an extended period, IHG has always been a bitter pill that we need to swallow and we must remind ourselves to do our best. Hall Master’s speech reminded me the importance of giving our all. The winning and losing should not matter, what was important was the fact that we did our best and created memories worth remembering when we look back at them.

Next up was our JCRC president, Eddie, to give his rousing speech. Despite his shy demeanor, Eddie echoed Master’s ideas and attempted to “rah-rah” the crowd. Soon, our JCRC Sports Secretary, Jamil, took up the baton to hype up the crowd. After making a quick explanation of the point system of IHG, Jamil mentioned a crucial piece of information that may change our fortunes in IHG. KE and Sheares are neck to neck in points and stand a good chance to surpass them if we do well in the upcoming matches. To round up the speeches, Eddie and Jamil led the KEVIIans in a cheer, which served as a boost to our confidence.

Next up was the moment that everyone was waiting for – the taking of food! Trays of beehoon, popcorn chicken, sausages and éclairs were available for choosing and an incredibly long queue was formed almost immediately after the end of the cheers. As KEVIIans enjoyed their delicious supper the IHG video, created specially by KE Media, was screened. The video was a tribute to KEVIIans who had played and fought hard in the IHG matches that had passes. Sports included are Handball, Tennis, Swimming, Sepak Takraw, Softball, Squash and Volleyball. Pictures taken from the various matches were shown and they reminded the players of the precious memories and effort put in to all the matches.

Though the food was great, I am positive that  full stomachs was not all that everybody took away from the supper. All the hard work and efforts put in so far into IHG have been heartening and hopefully these efforts will not come to naught.

Best of luck to all players in the upcoming matches and do your best to bring glory home!


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