KE Basketball (Male) vs. Sheares Hall: lost 27-39

Written by Guo Zihe

Edited by Mao Yinan

9th January 2012 marked the day when the King Edward (KE) VII male basketball team faced Sheares Hall (SH) in the Inter-Hall Games (IHG). When the match started at 7.00pm, the spectator stands of the Sports and Recreation Centre’s (SRC) basketball courts were already filled with many supporters from the various halls.

According to the investigation before the game, Sheares Hall is considered as the most powerful team among the 6 halls. They also got quite a few IVPs (Inter-varsity players). Compared with SH, we are more amateur and weaker. However, our hard-working players also provide a fantastic game for us.

In the first session, our player Hung Yi got the first goal in the whole game, which made our team the lead by 2 points in the first few minutes. Although our morale in the beginning was highly encouraged, because the offense of the other team is too fierce, making the score of the end of the first quarter is very inferior to our opponent, 5 (KE) to 13 (SH).

The second session is the climax of the entire competition. At the beginning, we gained the leading edge. Because our team’s defensive measures take a really great effect, we not only let the opponent not get any scores in the session, but almost equalized the scores. At the end of the second quarter, the score became 12 (KE) to 13 (SH).

After the climax, we went into a downturn. Unlike SH, we only have very limited extra players to swap. With the increasingly fierce competition, the players are also gradually physically weaker and weaker. Although our players insisted on hard until the last minutes, there is no possibility to reverse the situation. Finally, the game ended with 27 (KE) to 39 (SH).

The KEVII male basketball team had without a doubt put up a brilliant display of resilience. Players like Miao Huayue (got 11 points), Lee Hungyi (got 10 points) and so on, are really promising players in the team. This match had definitely been a good experience for all the players and hopefully, they will be able to come out even stronger next year.


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