Soccer (M) KE vs RH: 2-1 Victory

Written by Colin Ng

Edited by Ong Hui Shan

After a morale boosting cheer, the KE7 male soccer team got into position on the soccer field. The match with Raffles Hall (RH) kicked off at 8.28pm and by that time, the edges of the field were already thronged with supporters from both halls. The KE7 team wasted no time in making several furious attempts at the goal, but the RH defenders were adept at clearing the ball to the far side of the field.

In the 5th minute, RH was awarded a free kick, but the opportunity was not seized when the player delivered a kick that was off tangent and a tad too low. Within the next minute, KE7 had set up a quick attack which saw the strikers skillfully skirting past the RH defenders and sending a powerful shot towards the goal. As RH’s defence lines were gradually breached one after another, euphoric excitement mounted among the KE7 supporters. This, however, was short-lived as the shot went straight into the arms of the RH goalkeeper.

The match continued with little progress. In the 35th minute, an earnest RH player misjudged a tackle while defending and was consequently given a yellow card. The 58th minute was a heart-stopping moment as RH sent the ball spinning dangerously towards the far corner of the goal. KE7’s reliable goalkeeper managed to block the ball, but it spun out of his grasp. This immediately sparked an all out scramble for the ball in front of the goal. Amidst the chaos, a RH player committed a foul when his hand made contact with the ball. With that, KE7 was awarded a free kick and was able to clear the ball to the other side. This cued the launch of another quick attack which unfortunately fell flat when the shot was deflected by the RH goalkeeper. In the 61st minute, a KE7 player was given a yellow card but this did not deter the KE7 team. The team continued to showcase their prowess in the 65th minute when a beautiful long ball was passed to the left winger. RH defenders tried to gain possession of the ball but the KE7 winger skillfully passed the ball to the striker in the centre. After dribbling past the last defender, only the RH goalkeeper stood between the striker and the goal. The RH goalkeeper ran out to challenge the KE7 striker, but was unsuccessful as the ball lobbed over him and went straight into the back of the net. It was a goal for KE7 and all the KE7 supporters were ecstatic.

Desperate to score an equalizer, RH launched a flurry of attacks which broke through KE7’s defence lines several times. However, they were always narrowly stopped by the KE7 goalkeeper. In the 82nd minute, KE7 was able to counter RH’s offence before the RH players were able to return to their positions. Once again, it was just the RH goalkeeper standing between the KE7 striker and the goal. The KE7 striker managed to take a shot at the goal but it rolled and rebounded off the goalpost. What a shame! In the 84th minute, KE7 was awarded a free kick and the powerful shot deflected off a player and went into the back of the net. There was a moment of silence before euphoria overcame the KE7 team and supporters when it dawned on them that they were leading with a score of 2-0.

Dribbling past RH defenders


Breaking through RH's defence lines

In the last minute of the game, RH was awarded a free kick. The RH player skillfully put the ball directly into the left corner of the goal. With that, the long whistle was blown and the match was set with a 2-1 win for KE7. It was an exciting match and the KE7 male soccer team has definitely put up a fine display of skills and teamwork. Now, let’s look forward to their performance next week!

The KE7 male soccer team


1 Response to “Soccer (M) KE vs RH: 2-1 Victory”

  1. January 21, 2012 at 12:34 AM

    Quite a bad piece of article. No names given about the “winger”, “defender” or striker. Description of 1st goal is quite wrong. :(

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