Tennis [f] second preliminary round: KE vs RH, lost 2-3

Reported by Akshaya Gautham

Edited by Celine Yeap

Tennis is one of many games that require strong power and endurance. In IHG tennis, five games are played, 3 singles and 2 doubles. The winner is the first to reach nine points. KE7’s proud female tennis team were well ahead of time on Tuesday the 10th of January; all prepared for their big match against Raffles Hall (RH). Little did they know that the match was to be rescheduled due to an unfortunate downpour of rain. Though the rain managed to soak the tennis courts, it did not dampen our player’s spirits. The players decided to warm up in a new way , by taking turns to clear the water  off the court using rollers! Before  the actual match, the team, clad in bright red consisting of Akshaya, Yasmin, Melissa, Fang Ming,  Maeyue and Patricia led by their captain Shereen, warmed up by playing  a few trial games. Their strategy this time was to focus and always be in good control of the ball; or “keep the ball in” as quoted by Melissa.

After a long wait, the match finally started around 8.10 pm. The first singles was played by Melissa. Though she was confident and strong, luck seemed to be with the other side. The RH player finished off a quick game in her favour, winning 9-0. Simultaneously, the second singles was played by captain Shereen herself. The game was quite a long one as both the players sweat it out. Despite a good game, RH won it with a score of 9-2.

Next up were the two doubles matches, which were also played simultaneously.  In the first one Fang Ming and Patricia played against 2 equally strong players from RH. Our players remained very alert and were swift in their action. Raffles, however, had a bit more of an advantage and experience over KE which resulted in a loss of 9-1.

The highlight of the whole match was most definitely the second doubles. It was played by Yasmin and Maeyue. Both players managed to pose a tough competition against RH. It was full of excitement as it was a very close match. Everytime KE got a point, RH followed immediately and vice versa. Finally the game resulted in a tie, with the score at 8-8 and  a tie breaker was announced. The tie breaker seemed to be a piece of cake for KE; the match was won, with a score of 8-9.

Last but not the least was KE’s Akshaya, playing the third singles. Akshaya  put  up a very challenging act. Her hard smashes ensured a clear victory over her RH opponent who seemed to struggle with returning her powerful shots. The final score was 9-4, and KE won another match.

The final tally stands at an overall loss of 2-3 to KE. Nevertheless, our players gave it their best and no doubt everyone is proud of the girls’ efforts! The match served as a good platform for us to prove our strong points against Raffles Hall. Well done girls!


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