Squash Females KE vs EH: lost 1-4

Written by Colin Ng

Edited by Ong Hui Shan

9th January 2012 marked the day when the King Edward (KE) VII female squash team faced Eusoff Hall (EH) in the Inter-Hall Games (IHG). When the match started at 7.40pm, the spectator stands of the Sports and Recreation Centre’s (SRC) squash courts were already filled with many supporters from the various halls.


Before delving into the heart-stopping details of the squash match, I shall first give a brief introduction to the sport. The squash court is surrounded by four walls. The front wall is marked with a horizontal service line in the middle, an out-of-bounds line running at the top of the front and 2 side walls, and a lower boundary line typically known as ‘the tin’. The sport involves a rallying between the players until one of the following happens:

1)      Squash ball makes contact with the wall beyond the out-of-bounds line

2)      Squash ball makes contact with ‘the tin’

3)      Squash ball bounces twice on the floor

4)      Opponent gets in the way of the player receiving the shot

In the first 3 scenarios, a point will be awarded to the player who did not make the error. In the last scenario, the obstructed player gets the point.  For every match, 5 games are played, each represented by a different player. Each game consists of 3 rounds and the game is won when a player secures a win for 2 out of the 3 rounds. A round is won when a player gets 11 points.



In the first game, our KE representative Melanie faced a strong opponent from EH. She started off shaky with several errors, which her opponent capitalised on. Midway through the first round, Melanie began to make stronger shots, forcing her opponent to run more. However, her opponent was able to return them time and again. The round was eventually lost 0-11.

In the second round, Melanie made a comeback and fought hard, scoring the first point and boosting her morale. However, her opponent was undeterred and began to up her game as well. Unfortunately, Melanie was careless in making errors like hitting below ‘the tin’: the round was then lost with a score of 4-11.


Melanie (in red) lunging deep for a strong return




In the second game, the EH player started the service and Rachel, our KEVII representative, returned it beautifully. However, points were lost subsequently when Rachel obstructed her opponent and returned the shot towards ‘the tin’. Despite good effort on Rachel’s part, the first round was lost 4-11.

In the second round, Rachel upped her game and played more intensely, delivering killing shots that made her opponent fumble. The EH player seemed rattled and started to make errors. Rachel saw this as an opportunity to increase the tempo of the game by making shots near ‘the tin’, rendering her opponent defenseless against the drop shots. Mixtures of long and drop shots executed by Rachel had a devastating effect on her opponent: Rachel emerged victorious this round with a score of 11-6.

In the third round, Rachel’s opponent seemed to have recovered from her previous defeat and delivered a strong game which eventually resulted in a loss by Rachel 3-11.


Rachel (in red) delivering a powerful shot



In the third game, the EH player started off making several errors, which helped our KE representative April win some points. However, April started to make mistakes which allowed her opponent to catch up on the initial lead. Despite defending fervently, the round was lost 7-11.

In the next round, April faced a barrage of strong attacks that made her run around the court. Misjudging the trajectory of the shots also cost April several points. The round eventually settled for a 1-11 lost by April.


In the fourth game, both Eliza and her opponent started off unsatisfactorily, both making errors like hitting the ball above the out-of-bounds line and hitting the ball towards ‘the tin’. However, the EH player recovered quickly and started to deliver drop shots that Eliza missed narrowly on several occasions. Despite putting up a good fight, Eliza was unable to catch up and ultimately succumbed to a defeat of 3-11, 2-11.


In the final game, KE7 dominated by delivering sharp ‘smashes’ that rendered the EH player defenseless. The onslaught of shots delivered made the EH player run everywhere around the court. Fatigued, the EH player started to make mistakes, sealing a victory for KE7 with a score of 11-0, 11-5.


Although the final match score was a 1-4 loss to EH, the KEVII female squash team had without a doubt put up a brilliant display of resilience. This match had definitely been a good experience for all the players and hopefully, they will be able to come out even stronger next year.

Go girls!



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