Softball First Preliminary Round: KE vs EH, lost 2-21

Written by Lim Siew Fen

Edited by Mao Yinan

Softball is a very exciting but also challenging game. It is competition against yourself mentally, physically and of course against the other team. Mentally, you have to build self-confidence; especially the pitcher who throws the ball and the batter who needs to decide whether to catch the ball in just a blink. Our second softball match is against Eusoff Hall. This is a new yet fun experience for me, as this is the first time I am on the softball field, looking on our fellow team mates as they fight for our glory. Right before the match started, KEVIIan supporters had a crash course in SOF1101 Introduction to Softball thanks to Fang Hau who explained all the rules of the games.

This is the start of our softball match journey!

We are ready!

In the match, Eusoff Hall kept ahead of us throughout the game. They got their first seven points almost immediately due to the failure of our outfielders in catching the balls on time, thus giving opportunity to Eusoffians who were in position to run towards the home base. Although Jamil our softball captain did a few good strikes, they still managed to earn their points within three downs.

Jamil, our honorable captain!

What impressed me the most during the match was the highball caught by Issac, one of our good batters. Besides that, he was also an outstanding outfielder. He managed to catch a highball accurately at the right time, leading to one down out of three for the opponent team during the match. KEVIIan supporters were so excited and worked up that they cheered at the moment he caught the ball.

Issac is here!

Here comes the ball!

Jason our ex-softball captain however did not perform as well as a pitcher probably due to the hot weather and from what I heard he wasn’t feeling very well. Nevertheless, he had the back of the entire KE softball team and we all cheered him on all the way throughout the game. This was probably a show of the so called KEVIIan spirit we hear so much of!

Jason is pitching, try and catch this!

We finally got our first point after almost an hour of “struggling” due to the pitcher missing the ball. Thanks to Jerusha, we got our second point as she managed to run back to home base in such a short time.

The reason we lost the match was mainly due to the fact that our players were unable to run to the bases, be it first, second or third fast enough after the batter hit out the ball. Eusoffian players on the other hand always managed to catch the ball and pass it to their team members, getting a “save” before our team managed to score. There is a strategy whereby the team will tend to put boys and girls alternately at the three bases, so that it will be faster for the first player to run back to home base due to the “forced run”. There is a technical explanation for this strategy which we shall not explore further.

The match ended with the mercy rule of Eusoff Hall. They managed to score 21 points at the end of the match. Although we lost the game, our team spirit matched that of the other team if not better. I’m pretty sure the encouragement and support given that day will keep our fellow KEVIIans going and perhaps one day they will be the ones to emerge victorious! But for now let us keep a sharp eye out for KE7’s next coming match in this year’s IHG!

No matter the outcome, it’s all smiles for our team!


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