KE Handball vs Eusoff Hall: lost 7-32

Reported by: Annisa Rakun

The evening of January 5th, 2012 witnessed the tenacious battle of handball between King Edward VII Hall (KE) and Eusoff Hall (EH). The match was scheduled to begin at 6 PM, but due to some unforeseen circumstances (read: referees came in late) it was delayed for more than one and a half hour. Nevertheless, this delay did not seem to affect the players.  On the contrary, the KEVIIan’s morale ran higher, especially after the pep talk by the captain, Fang Hau. The red team seemed ready to take on the yellow Eusoffians and show them what it means to be KEVIIans

The starting whistle was blown at exactly 7.40 PM, with KE in possession. However, it was EH who scored the first two goals. After that, some on-target shots were made by Andy and Zach, but it was Zach who managed to score the first KE goal by intercepting an EH ball down the right flank and finished it with a hard shot that was sure to confound the EH keeper, making the score 2-1.

The counterattacks made by EH proved to be quite effective, leading to several goals for EH. The fast breaks made by their keeper proved to be at lightning speed indeed, and KE had to run back very quickly to defend their goal.  Isaac and Andy tried some shots, but the EH keeper was quite lucky to be able to save them. Nevertheless, luck was not enough to withstand the sheer power of Johan, KE’s biggest pivot, who scored KE’s second goal. After that, Zach scored another goal by a powerful left-handed wing shot from the right corner.

EH was quite forceful and physical with their attacks, but KE’s defense was not an easy one to breach. Still, some balls did manage to find their way into the KE goal. After one of these goals, Johan shouted, “that was too easy!” which reignited the KE spirit one more time and made our boys defend more mightily. True enough, after that, in true KEVIIan fashion, Wai Kit scored a very beautiful goal, cementing the score at 4-17 at the end of the first half.

Right after the beginning of the second half, Jon Chan showed the roaring crowd why he was the first-choice keeper of KE. The year-5 medical student deflected two consecutive balls beautifully, before an EH penalty tore the net. Two more goals were made by EH, before #7 committed a dangerous back clamp and was given a 2-minute penalty. Zach took the penalty, but unfortunately it went very narrowly away from the left goalpost. Zach, Isaac, Fang Hau, and Johan all tried to score, but the balls either went over the goal or were point blank but caught by the EH keeper. Johan was then sent off for two minutes because of some shirt-pulling incidence, who was followed out by Qizhi who was also served with a two-minute punishment, leaving only four KE field players on court. However, this did not deter our boys. After the timeout, called by EH, KE scored two consecutive goals, the first one by Andy and the second one by Zach. EH then retaliated by scoring some goals, then Johan attacked back and scored another goal with a calm and composed powerful ball.

When defending bravely against one of the EH attacks, Fang Hau was sent off for 2 minutes for a foul clamp and a penalty was awarded for EH. Jon then made a stunning save which sent the KEVIIan crowd cheering like lunatics. Not long after that, in a similar manner, Andy was also given a 2-minute and EH #1 executed the penalty. In a déjà vu moment, Jon parried the ball away, but at the expense of his face and maybe his specs. For this unsportsmanlike conduct which endangered the opponent, EH #1 got red-carded, therefore being sent-off permanently from the game. After this, as the game was nearing to the end anyway, the referee blew the final whistle, ending the match with 7-32 as the final score.

The KE male handball team had a very heroic fight against EH. Courageous and bold, they bit back against the Eusoffian giants and showed the tenacity characteristic of the KE spirit. Good job, and may little David win the battle against the giant in the future!


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