Handball [F] vs Raffles Hall: lost 0-22

Reported by Png Ning

Handball comprises two teams of seven players each.  Both teams have six outfield players and a goalkeeper.  A standard match consists of 2 periods of 30 minutes, and the team with the most goals scored wins.

Felicia leads this year’s handball team, consisting of Aarti, Unnaa, Jax, June, Tasmin, Foong Yen, Hwee Ting, Jing Jia and Annisa, who is also the goalkeeper.  All clad in red, they were PoweRED Up to fight till the very last breath.  Seated along the court, the supporters keenly waited for whistle to be blown.  Slightly more anxious were a few ex-handball players who had already graduated.  Geraldine, Fang Chee and Hui Ning were seen watching the game, still wearing their working suit.

The game started at half past seven.  The Raffles girls started out fierce and kept the game at a very fast pace.  They managed to score their first goal first few minutes into the game.  They advanced very quickly to our side of the court once they had the ball in possession, leaving little time for our team to return and defend.  Without the defense line up, the opponents had a clear field to make their shots.  After this happened repeatedly a few times, Annisa was seen anxiously shouting “Back!” to call for help, defending against the ferocious Raffles girls.  She managed to make several saves, hindering Raffles from scoring continuously.  The 1st half ended with Raffles Hall scoring 10 goals.

During halftime, Fang Hau, the team manager gave a pep talk.  He animatedly showed the girls several strategies to keep Raffles from scoring and pointed out loose ends which they had to keep a lookout.  Our girls were rejuvenated after the water break and had their mind set to keep Raffles’ winning margin low.

In the second half, Raffles continued to press our players hard.  They were not afraid to rough it up against our girls, maintaining a lot of physical contact to keep us out from scoring.  Once, Yi Lin was harshly pushed by one of the Raffles players, causing her to fall and failed to secure a goal. Our girls had a hard time breaking their defense.  Raffles girls also had their fair share of mishaps.  There was once when they attempted a second wave, one of their players threw the ball with no one to receive, resulting in them having to reset their attack.  The game ended at a score of 0-22.

Felicia,” ..there’s much to improve on.  Many were not here during the holiday training…This is the first time we are playing together as a full team.  We will definitely work harder for the next game.”

Quote of the night, Eddie Tan,” Eh..that’s not very cool ah”.  He was obviously disturbed when a Raffles girl pushed Yi Lin onto the floor when she attempted an attack.


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