IHG Day 1 Handball [M] vs Sheares Hall

 Reported by : Annisa Rakun

In the evening of January 3rd, the 2012 IHG season kicked off with the male handball match between King Edward VII and Sheares Hall. As the starting time approached, our hall’s team, clad in red, slowly warmed up to go against Sheares, the defending champion. Although Sheares outnumbered our 12-men strong team, KE was not going down without a fight.

The match was started off by Sheares, who moved quickly to the front of the goal and attempted a shot, but Jonathan Chan (goal keeper) executed a brilliant save. Jon Chan, who now holds the record for the most IHG handball appearances for KE, made several other wonderful saves throughout the night, including one very tricky wing shot.

The game was dominated by the Sheares team, who had the advantage of having bigger guys on the team, not to mention some Inter Varsity Players (IVPs) as well. Sheares tried to break KE’s team concentration by shouting nonsense, to which our valiant captain Fang Hau replied by shouting, “Don’t care what they say!”

Sheares kept attacking throughout the game, and our hall’s team defended bravely against the Sheares onslaught. Even though our D (short for defense, also refers to the shape of the formation that a handball team assumes when defending) was good and our goalkeeper had fast reflex, several Sheares shots managed to turn themselves into goals. Sheares was leading the game when our very own Andy Sim stole one goal with a beautifully placed shot. When the score was 13-1, KE was about to gain another goal when Qizhi managed to put a ball through the keeper and into the net, but unfortunately he was stepping on the 6-metre line, annulling his goal. The second goal was a strategic flurry in front of the goal in which the Sheares goalie failed to catch the ball. The third KE goal was by Zach with his powerful shot from the flank. After this, a very nice save was made by the freshman keeper, Seth, by flicking a wild ball out from the goal easily. Fang Hau scored the fourth one, with a dazzling wing shot which amazed the audience and sent the KEVIIan crowd cheering like crazy. He would have easily scored another goal if his right shoe had not come off while attempting another wing shot (an absurdly unfortunate timing), forcing him to hop on the spot while trying to put his shoe back on.

Some of our players were preesented with yellow cards, like Isaac for his brave clamp on the towering Sheares IVP player #23, which unfortunately turned out to be a foul clamp. Johan was given the yellow card twice, while Fang Hau was shown once. There was one instance when two of our players, Zach and Johan, were out of play for two minutes, and our team fought on with only four players. As the time went on, KE made some heroic clamps, attempting to buy time for the team to return and defend.

Overall, the fight was a very valiant one, and the male handball team has indeed tried their best. However, luck was not on our side as the match ended 4-34 for Sheares Hall. Good game, KE! Best of luck for Thursday’s game!


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