Uniform Supper

Written by Dean Liaw

Edited by Ong Hui Shan

As we graduate from scruffy teenagers to young adults, the freedom from the uniform is almost symbolic of our growing up, a rite of passage. Despite spending years lamenting the mandatory donning of dreary school uniforms often in boring colours, the uniform reminds us of our years of growing up, whether it is in our alma mater, or the national service. The previously much dreaded uniform is thus an oft-used theme for get-togethers, and people are eager to be back in the scratchy material, reminiscing and indulging in a few hours of ‘youth’. The West Wing supper was one such get-together where residents of the west wing (E, F and GH), clad in their school uniforms, gathered for one night of food, fun and entertainment while basking in past glories and each other’s company.

Duties were delegated to the 3 block committees with E block being in charge of food, F block publicity and GH entertainment for the night. Publicity for the event kicked off the week before with posters appearing on every single toilet door in the west wing. This was followed by a promotional video in which a cast of two versatile individuals portrayed an interviewer, Memelissa Kimchee, asking ‘different’ people what ‘they’ thought of the upcoming west wing supper. For those who missed it, the video can now be found on youtube:


On the night of the supper, people started streaming into the dining hall decked out in their variation of uniforms at 9pm. Most popular choices included school uniforms, military uniforms, nurse uniforms and white lab coats. Although some residents showed up without uniforms, they were enthusiastic and admired the different uniforms their friends wore. Of the diverse range of costumes and uniforms seen that night, the strangest would have to be the combination of a tuxedo and ski mask, and the wolverine. It was definitely a priceless mix of people and ‘uniforms’.

We're in our future uniforms! So what if we're ambitious?


Going undercover: Operation West Wing Supper


Our future doctors and nurses


Unlike the individual block suppers, the west wing sure pulled out all the stops to prepare food fit for a king. The supper boasted irresistible waffles, cheese baked rice, chicken, caramel pudding and salad to name a few. The free finger-licking food was more than enough to entice people to come down on a school night. It was hardly a surprise that the food that night was more than satisfactory and deserved two thumbs up. Everyone was pigging out, stuffing themselves silly with the food, temporarily forgetting any form of dining etiquette.  

Are we having supper or dinner?

It has been well established that KE hall suppers are not JUST about the food. In fact, that’s only the starter, a prelude to a night of games and mingling. Entertainment for the night kicked off with the two emcees, Yasmin dressed as a teacher and Wesley a janitor, inviting 4 pairs of residents on stage. Each pair was asked to pose as a couple, answer scandalous questions, and have the girls remove clothes pegs clamped to the guys’ bodies. The game was made more challenging  as the guys had to maintain awkward poses while the girls removed the clothes pegs – blindfolded. The E block couple emerged victorious and was given the big prize while the other 3 pairs were rewarded for their participation.

X-men in the house!


Our emcees Yasmin (right) and Wesley (left) turned diggers, getting all the dirt on Adriel (centre)

 The next event was Taboo where 4 people from each block were invited on stage. One person had to describe a word while the other three tried to guess what it was. The challenging part was that the first person could not use a given list of associated ‘taboo’ words. Two minutes were given for each guess and the team with the highest number of correct guesses wins. The audience had a good laugh, especially during the moments of desperation when the most absurd things were uttered. The first prize went to F block who got 9 correct guesses, followed by GH with 7 and E with 3.

I have clothes pegs in places I never knew could be pegged!

As the game draw to a close, the supper was also nearing its end. Few had noticed that it was already 11pm and they had stayed for the entire supper. With that ended another chapter in the never-ending suppers of NUS, the National University of Suppers.


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