East Wing Supper – Halloween style

Written by Colin Ng Jun Jie

Edited by Ong Hui Shan

October is the month of Halloween, so it is only fitting for the theme of the East Wing Supper on 13th October to be about all things scary. The event was slated to begin at 9pm and before that, the AB and CD block committees were busy with preparations. Some were sweating it out in the hot kitchenette cooking up a feast while the rest were transforming the dining hall to fit the occasion.

At 9.20pm, East Wingers began to stream into the dining hall. However, it was no longer the familiar homey and cosy environment they had gotten used to – it had become a hall of horrors! The place was cold, deadly silent, and eerily lit with yellow lamps. Abrupt peals of ringing bells pierced the air and reminded one of the dead crossing over to the netherworld. To enter the hall, East Wingers had to get past several horrifying things, from overhanging spider webs to beastly wails and monsters that followed them around. Nevertheless, after the horrors, they were treated with a wide array of Halloween costumes, ranging from the beautiful to the grotesque, sportingly worn by many residents. Among them were witches, wizards, maids, samurais, mimes, monsters, reindeers and many more.

With a stunning attendance of more than 60 East Wingers, the night kicked off with the first game, “Hottie or Nottie” which involved guessing the identity of the mystery shadow (person) behind a piece of cloth. Needless to say, prizes were prepared for those who got it right. First up was a shadow with a rather distinct side profile and boasting an ample chest. Jason attempted and correctly guessed the mystery person to be Jack, who then coyly revealed himself to be in a scarf and bear ears. While the first mystery person seemed easy enough, the second proved to be quite a challenge for the East Wingers. There were many guesses but none were right, which prompted the second mystery person to give clues through some exaggerated movements. Alas, it was only after a hint provided by Jen, the supper’s host, that the correct guess was made. The person behind the cloth was in fact JJ and he was wearing a scarlet red wig on top of a dress. In stark contrast, the next mystery person was a dead giveaway. Once the shadow was cast, East Wingers were unanimously shouting “Terence!” and it was spot on. With so many East Wingers simultaneously shouting out his name, it was finally decided that the winner for the round was Elaine. Terence stepped out from behind the cloth and was boldly wearing a blouse with a plunging neckline and a skirt. Just when everyone was beginning to think that all the mystery people were males, the East Wingers were dealt with a surprise: the fourth mystery person was very distinctly Vicki, and she was wearing a simple one-piece dress. For the final mystery person, the tall and lean shadow had everyone stumped at first, but Ashley eventually figured out that it was Max in a figure-hugging one piece dress. This wrapped up the first game for the night and the highlight of the night ensued: FOOD!

The food was served by the friendly AB and CD block committees and like all suppers, the queue was long but totally worth the wait. There were nuggets, fish balls, crab sticks, samosas, pizza topped with sausages and button mushrooms, and grass jelly drink. In a short span of time, nearly all the food was wiped clean off the table. Most people shared the sentiments of Yong Hui, who felt that the food was not enough, but then again, don’t all suppers? While everyone was eating, Jen announced that it was Wai Kit’s birthday, upon which the East Wingers promptly burst into their best rendition of the Happy Birthday song. Then, it was time for the next game.

For this game, each block had to send a representative who would be blindfolded. They then had to rummage through a bucket (contents unknown) to find a cube with their corresponding block’s letter. The winner was to be the person who could find the cube the fastest. Johan, Qing Liang, Elaine and Yao Lin were the representatives of blocks A, B, C and D respectively. In view of the Halloween theme, the bucket certainly lived up to expectations of containing scary things: it was full of creepy crawling mealworms! As the game swung into action, screams pervaded the hall as contestants precariously put their hands into the bucket. After a grueling ordeal, Elaine emerged victorious as the winner.

For the last segment of the night, a lucky draw was planned and the winners were Sheryl, Wai Kit and Clarice. The supper then ended with everyone taking photos, especially with those dressed up in Halloween costumes. In addition, there were people teasing (terrorising) each other with mealworms and face paint. Without a doubt, the East Wing Supper was a huge success, with East Wingers like Cheng Liang and April among many others who thoroughly enjoyed it.

Finally, I want to say a big thank you to the AB and CD block committees for making the Halloween East Wing Supper possible. I will definitely be looking forward to the next East Wing Supper!


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