East Wing Supper : A night of spooky fun

Written by: Koh Pin Lang

Edited by: Victor Lee

If you like spooky things or think that you have nerves of steel, you should have been to ‘Halloween’, the 1st East Wing Supper of 2011! Aptly named after the popular holiday, Halloween, the supper was certainly well planned to set off the right atmosphere to give all East Wing blockers a good scare. The dining hall was dimly lit when I arrived at 9pm. I was instantly greeted and invited into the dining hall by a man with scary white face that had ‘blood’ slashes on it.  The appearance of the dining hall was clearly an unexpected surprise. Instead of the usual staid look, the dining hall was transformed into a haunted mansion with cobwebs hanging about and ‘ghouls’ lurking about. The AB and CD Block Committee were splendidly dressed in theme with witch hats, cloaks, masks and even bed sheets, and I must applaud the creativity of the block comm. members. After writing my name on the back of my door tag for the lucky draw, I prepared myself for the entertaining antics that the ‘ghastly’ block committee had meticulously planned.

Scary Ghouls on the loose!

 ‘Halloween’ kicked start with a humorous game of silhouette guessing.  The block committee members pre-selected 5 ‘hot babes’ from their blocks. By observing the silhouette of these lovely ladies, blockers were supposed to guess their identities and win attractive prizes. First up was a gorgeous silhouette with certain perky attributes that would put most girls to shame. As the unknown lady posed in various positions, there were various shouts from the blockers as they made wild guesses. I must admit that the East Wing Blockers are a clever bunch. Within minutes, the identity of the lady was revealed to be Jack from AB! Next up was a flirty lady who posed in the infamous Marilyn Monroe style. Though intrigued, the blockers seemed rather clueless as they made various random guesses. I was highly amused as I watched the MCs, Jen and Prasatt , prompt the blockers into making the right conclusion of the identity of the silhouette. Turns out, it was JJ from CD block wearing a shocking red wig! If you have yet to discover the unique feature of this game, let me explain the situation to you. None of these ‘ladies’ , with the exception of Vic-ki, are actually females. They are guys dressed up in women’s clothing and sporting assets blown from balloons! As the game came to an end, prizes were given away to the blockers who made the correct guess. Ashley guessed Lady #3, Max, and won herself a romantic date with her ‘lady’ along with a lunchbox while Elaine guessed Lady #5, Terence, and won herself a romantic walk with her ‘lady’ on the shepherd’s path. Hope you managed to catch them!

Sexy babes!

Blockers having a great time!

After an exciting game, it was time to fill up our empty stomachs with delicious food. The 7 food items were all creatively named. With spooky names like, Rotting flesh, Voodoo doll, Measles Face, I was a little worried about what was to be served. However in spite of the uninviting names, the food was scrumptious! I helped myself to the Tombstone (Nuggets) and “Finger” food (Banana fritters) and topped it off with a cup of Bloody Mary (Ribena + 7up). To ward off all the bad luck, I decided to take a Protection Charm (Samosa) to protect myself. The blockers seemed to enjoy themselves as they voraciously swallowed their food and came back quickly for seconds. As the food begun to diminish, the ‘ghouls’ of East Wing ‘spooked’ their victims (blockers) into their seats for the second half of supper.

Oh, will you look at that yummy food!

In the second half of the supper, 4 innocent victims were blindfolded and selected to play a game of “Finding the Block”. 4 containers, each containing either an ‘A’, ‘B’,’C’ or ‘D’ block, was specially prepared. The 4 victims were each assigned an alphabet and were to find their corresponding blocks from the 4 containers that would be rotated. The first person to locate the right block would be crowned the winner. But here’s the catch. The 4 containers contained special items in them. I had a nasty shock as I looked into the containers. Some were fairly ok with a mixture of tissue, tomatoes and pasta, while others were just plain disgusting with chicken feet and mealworms.  The sporting crowd screamed and yelled loudly to frighten the blindfolded contestants as the block committee members revealed the containers to the blockers. The contestants seem a little apprehensive and were cautious about putting their hands into the containers. It was rather amusing watching the contestants squirm about as they tried to find the block in the midst of what was in the containers. Johan from AB and ex-AB Block head, Qing Liang, relaxed after the initial scare and were actively feeling for their blocks. However, Elaine from CD block proved to be the quickest and found her block. For her quick find she walked, I mean flew, away on a Firebolt! (prize: a broom)

Contestants trying out their luck!

 All good things come to an end and ‘Halloween’ concluded soon after the lucky draw prizes were given out. I wait in anticipation for the next East Wing Supper!


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