Just Desserts

Written by Dean Liaw Yih Hang

Edited by Ong Hui Shan

The tall and mighty E block – prime choice of residents who love fresh air and tranquility offered by the lush jungle that flanks its rear. Nights are quiet, with the gentle accompaniment of the sounds of wildlife, the occasional closing door, and gushing water from the showers.


Pure serenity


6 October started out like any other school night with people diligently mugging away in their rooms. Everything changed once the clock struck 9 – the silence of the night was suddenly shattered with raucous shouts of “E block supper! E block supper!”  


"E block supper!"


The long-awaited supper that the E blockers have been waiting for had finally arrived. It had been organised by the E block committee with Celine Yeap as the supper IC. The tireless block committee had put together a wide array of goodies, starting work from as early as 7pm.


Bubble bubble, toil and trouble


“How far? All the way! Half way? No way!” – sweet snacks to give E blockers that extra burst of energy needed to fuel them ‘all the way’ through the night of studying. The theme of the supper ‘Dessert Night’ speaks for itself: bubble milk tea, waffles with ice cream, pancakes, jelly, bananas with chocolate and Mochi – yummy incentives for muggers to step out of their rooms for a study break. 


hot & steamy waffles and pancakes


scrumptious Mochi


silky smooth bubble milk tea


Not long after the ‘announcement’, people started streaming into the E block kitchenette, conveniently located on the fourth floor, at the heart of the building. The small space was soon bursting with people eager to savour the wonderful spread. The whole block came alive as the sound of laughter and chitter-chatter filled the air.


smiles sweeter than the dessert itself


With the 8 floors in E block, it’s not easy to keep track of each other’s lives. Suppers are opportunities for blockers and hall residents to get to know each other better: more reason for people to ‘crash’ another block’s supper. KEVIIans are known for being accommodating and hospitable, proven with a quick glance across the floor where one can easily spot a few non-E blockers in the crowd. Suppers like these definitely showcase hall fraternity at its best! In addition to the E block Resident Fellow Ms Angeline, the F block RF Dr Seow also turned up to lend his support.


Ms Angeline mingling with Dr Seow


Time flies when you’re with friends. For those who enjoyed it, the two hour supper went by just a tad too fast. Nevertheless, the hardworking block committee members who worked through the night to prepare enough food for the continuous inflow of hungry people were not forgotten.


someone who knows how to enjoy a good supper


As the night grew late, people returned to their abodes and the silence that reigned 2 hours ago was restored. The ones left were mostly block committee members who stayed back to clean up.

This was without a doubt another successful supper organised, yet it’s only one of many more legendary suppers to come.


The aftermath


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