55th JCRC Presidential Election

Written by: Mao Yinan

Edited by: Annisa

The night of September 1st, 2011, was a very important date for this year’s residents of King Edward VII Hall. On that night, Mr. Eddie Tan Jian Leung, Year 4, and Ms. Unnaamalai, Year 2, together with their team, were elected to the positions of Junior Common Room Committee (JCRC) to serve the hall. A breakdown of the team is as follows; Eddie (President), Unnaa (Vice President), Mitchell Yeo (Financial Secretary), Png Ning (Publications Secretary), Stephanie Yeo (Welfare Secratary), Xu Nan (Special Projects Secretary), Liu Bo (Cultural Secretary).

The 55th JCRC group

Unlike previous JCRC elections, this year saw only one team competing for president and vice-president as well as the other positions. The majority of KEVIIans might think it was an election without suspense. But that surely does not indicate this was an election without significance.

Everyone looked so relaxed when the votes were counted.

The live voting counting was ensured to be fair, open and just by involving five people to conduct the whole process: one emcee to announce each vote, one recorder to update the vote count on the laptop, one secretary to take out votes from the box in the middle and two witnesses to monitor the votes. In addition, there were also votes that were collected online, composing a large and (hopefully) unbiased sample to estimate the support for candidates.

After listening to the continual “one vote for the true”, and occasionally “one void vote”, the rare “one vote against the true” sounds exciting and even amusing. In the end, from the physical votes, Eddie and Unnaa garnered 122 “For” votes and 7 “Against”. For the online votes, 173 were “For”, while 6 were “Against” the team. So in total, there were 295 “For” contrasting the 13 “Against”. In order to win the election, the rule is certainly different from before: the candidate must get two thirds of voters supporting the candidate. Since the proportion is 95.7%, which is very close to 1, it can be concluded that almost everyone in hall are confident about the candidates’ ability and willingness to serve the KEVII hall well. It is never easy to gain support from everyone, but Eddie and Unnaa did it, in a large proportion. As a science student, I was tempted to construct a confidence interval. Every voter takes value 1 or 0, suppose fraction of supportive votes follow normal distribution.  Therefore we can be 95% confident that the proportion of support lies in the interval 0.957± 0.023, which is significantly high considering it is a presidential election. However, life is more than just mathematics. There are different voices, of course, but that is of course inevitable.

Votes for candidates overwhelm those against.

Although the size of audience is small, JCRC team are all formally dressed up, showing their dedication and professionalism. Everyone present or absent should be confidently convinced that they will live up to our expectation. When the tally was over, Eddie and Unnaa addressed the small but buzzing audience with full enthusiasm. A lot people were thanked, including the JCRC team, their friends, and every voter.

A short and sweet speech was made by Eddie, the newly nominated JCRC president, with Unnaa on his side.

It needs to be remembered that JCRC president, vice-[resident and members are not just glorious positions, but it also carries much responsibilities. Bottom line, I would like to say as a KEVIIan that when this year comes to a close, it is actually the 55th JCRC that all KEVIIans should be grateful for. Congratulations for the elected team, and let us all hope and strive for a wonderful and fruitful year ahead, together with the 55th JCRC!


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