55th JCRC Election Rally

Written by: Pin Lang

29th August was the day to listen to the candidates who would be heading KEVII Hall as our 55th Junior Common Room Committee (JCRC). For those who have absolutely no idea what the JCRC does, I shall not bore with mindless details. All you have to know is that the JCRC is in charge of everything in hall, which means from CCAs to IHG to the upcoming FHD. Hence, it is of upmost importance that we have a strong team to lead our hall in whatever we do.

55th JCRC President Nominee, Mr. Eddie Tan

The team running for this year’s JCRC is led by Eddie Tan Jian Leung, a Year 4 student. With 3 years of hall experience, he seemed confident as he sat along with his vice-president, Unnaa, Year 2, and the rest of his team at the candidate table at 8.30 p.m.. Unlike the previous elections, there is only one team competing for the position. A breakdown of the team: Eddie (President), Unnaa (Vice President), Mitchell (Financial Secretary), Png Ning (Publications Secretary), Stephanie (Welfare Secratary), Xu Nan (Special Projects Secretary), Liu Bo (Cultural Secretary). The rally began with the opening speech by Eddie and the introduction of his team. The speech was conducted in a light hearted manner but yet one can hear the pride Eddie has for KEVII as he took us down memory lane of how hall has changed his life. He spoke of how KEVII gave him opportunities to try out new things, like sports, despite his shortcomings, and how others’ lives were shaped by Hall as well. The speech may be short and sweet but one cannot deny the fond memories everyone shared in this hall.

55th JCRC nominees, Eddie and Unnaa with their cabinet

The next segment of the rally was the speech by Unnaa, who had unfortunately lost her voice. In light of this, Eddie spoke on her behalf. Unnaa’s speech was about her wonderful experiences in Hall. Many experiences, such as acting for Hallplay and doing treasury work for Dinner and Dance, were given as examples to show how hall has shaped her life thus far. The speech was entertaining as Eddie interjected laughter when he appeared awkward reading the compliments Unnaa had written in her speech about him. Unnaa further told the crowd of her qualities and how she can contribute to hall in order to woo the crowd of their votes. Throughout the speeches by Eddie and Unnaa, the crowd remained attentive as they pondered over the suitability and abilities of the team. Occasionally, one can observe a few nodding heads, especially during instances when the speeches mentioned how hall has enriched many KEVIIans’ lives. Subsequently,   Eddie rolled out the team’s proposed plans for the year, aka MANIFESTO. The plans have a total of 3 outcomes: firstly,’ Every one of you matters’.  Being rather self-explanatory on its own, this outcome emphasizes the importance of each and every KEVIIan to the JCRC in running and that they will do their best to listen to every opinion. Secondly, ‘Do less, achieve more’. Eddie explains this outcome as trying to reduce the amount of red tape that is currently in place and allow KEVIIans to better utilize resources to do what we want. Lastly, ‘Being there for each other’, where the team demonstrates the need for greater recognition of KEVIIans in whatever they are doing.

Listening intently

With the grand plans for the coming year rolled out, the rally entered to the critical stage of Question and Answer. The contending team was to be first peppered by questions from the Election Committee. A total of 4 questions were posted. One of the questions was pertaining to the abilities of the current 54th JCRC (strengths and weakness to be commented on). A short time of 1 minute was given for the team to discuss. Eddie seemed at ease as he answered the strengths of the current JCRC by listing down qualities of commitment and the willingness to work hard at what they do, and even beyond their job scope. On the issue of the 54th JCRC weakness, Eddie tactfully mentioned insufficient communication with the KEVIIans on the ground and how current JCRC is on the verge of a burn out due to their over-achieving mentality and expectations. Following that question was the problem of sustainability and passing down of skills within CCAs in hall. This question was apt as this is one of the challenges that the 55th JCRC will have to tackle in the coming year and whatever plans they have in mind will affect the survival of the CCAs. Eddie explained the need for greater level of engagement by hall leaders with their members to provide sufficient knowledge and skills to their members to whet them into taking up leadership positions in the future. Also, greater degree of scouting was proposed. As the team answered the questions posted by the election committee, KEVIIans were also in preparation to post burning questions of their own.

54th JCRC President, Mr. Lim Sien Long posting a question

The Question and Answer session switched its focus to the ground with the conclusion of the questions by the election committee. A series of questions were asked by our fellow KEVIIans pertaining to a wide range of issues. One of the interesting questions was posted by Patrick who was immensely curious like many other KEVIIans, of the concrete plans the team had on filling in the place of the Sports Secretary and Social Secretary. Eddie replied confidently to this question. He stated the need to be stringent in the process of locating a suitable candidate and that the team doesn’t want to hasty in filling in the position with an unsuitable person. The need for the Sports Secretary to be vocal in his opinions in fighting for our hall’s rights and the high commitment level to all 16 sports CCAs was emphasized by Eddie. However, in the event that the position remains empty, a backup plan seemed to be in place where the remaining JCRC members will share the duties of the Sports Secretary. In addition, an opening for an assistant Sports Secretary might be available to train a successor for the next 56th JCRC. Duties will slowly be released to the assistant if the person proves his/her capabilities. Another interesting question was posted by Sien Long, the 54th JCRC president. He wanted to know what was the team’s view on the plan of ‘auto pilot’. Eddie and his team were firm in their opinion that ‘auto pilot’ was not at all feasible especially considering that KEVIIans will not be proactive enough to get things done when their busy schedules are in conflict with hall events. Furthermore, there would be no one in an official capacity to fight for the rights of KEVII Hall in meetings with JCRCs of other halls. All in all, Eddie and his team seemed well prepared when tackling the various difficult questions from the ground.

The rally ended with a closing speech by Eddie.  Do cast your votes wisely.


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