IBG Floorball-Female

Written by: Pin Lang

Edited by: Png Ning

It’s Day 8 of IBG and the night to decide which block will emerge victorious in IBG Female Floorball. The girls arrived at the communal hall promptly at 7pm and were warming up in the playing area as soon as they could find a stick. The same rules applied for this match as last Thursday’s Male Floorball: 4 players per block playing two halves of 8 minutes with a quota of two seniors. However, the goalpost was smaller for the girls’ match and thus not covered by a plastic canvas. One would expect the scoring of goals to be easier in comparison to the guys’. Yet, tough competition remained strong between the blocks and each sent out their best players to win.

The first match was between E block and GH. E block was led by Stephanie to meet GH which comprised of 3 freshmen and 1 senior, Jia Ni. GH was fierce with their attack and made several attempts to score within minutes of the match. However, E block held their ground as Stephanie tried to regain more ground by dominating the ball. Yet, her efforts were to no avail when GH made a surprise goal. Heartened by the opening goal, Jia Ni made another attack from the side soon after and was instantly rewarded with another successful goal. Despite the successful goals, there was some confusion initially as the players of both blocks who have never played floorball before, tried to orientate themselves in the game.  But, I must admit, they caught on very fast and the game was in full swing by the second half. In the second half, GH was all out to further the goal difference with the help of their “team manager”, Patrick. Jasmine from GH was not to be thwarted by E’s improved defense with the addition of Unnaa, and made constant attacks at the E block’s goalpost. The game had increased in pace with the players running hard after the ball. Soon, GH managed to find a crack in E block’s defense and made a dive for it. The goal difference was 3-1 by the time the final whistle was blown.

Stephanie led a battle against GH

Following closely after the exciting first match, AB was up against F block. F block was a strong competitor with Ruth, the female floorball  captain, in its ranks. However, AB was ready to meet its match with freshie, Veronica, leading the team. Veronica made a swift attack at F’s goalpost within seconds from the sounding of the starting whistle. However, F block was ready with the counterattack and deflected Veronica’s attempt.  Soon after, Ruth started F block’s attack on AB. Luckily for AB, her players were alert to the impeding danger and freshie Samantha made a successful block with her body. However, F block was not prepared to lose and increased their attacks. In an unforeseen second, Ruth made a sudden kill from midway through the court and succeeded in scoring the first goal in the match. In the second match, F block continued her constant battering on AB, who put up a strong defense against the attack. However, slips in AB’s defense allowed F to score two more goals and ended the game was a 3 goal advantage over AB.

The match of the night was the game between F block and CD, where we watched the captain and vice-captain, May Ee, battled it out. The match started with F block making an aggressive first shot but Jax from CD was ready and easily blocked off the attack. CD was not going to miss any opportunity and May Ee made CD’s first return attack soon after. The match dragged on with both sides’ players running hard after the ball. However, the players were not alone in the match. Supporters from CD and E block cheered their hearts out with every attempt to attack the opponent’s goalpost and shouted encouragements to defend their own. The CD “team manager”, Terence, also observed and provided timely advice to the players.  With a strong block spirit behind them, May Ee scored 2 goals and Sophie one. However, F block has not ready to concede defeat and made a comeback when Ruth scored a goal. The match ended with CD emerging victorious.

Ruth, female floorball captain, showing her skills

All in all, the matches were well played. Though the finesse of skills was starkly missing in the players, the enthusiasm the players had for the game was incredibly infectious. It was a real pleasure to watch the matches and a job well done to all blocks!


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