IBG Soccer-Male

Written by: Judah

Edited by: Png Ning

On retrospect, IBG has already gone on for slightly more than a week. It has been a novel experience for many, freshmen especially, to indulge in consecutive nights of hype, craze- screaming and cheering for identity’s sake. This time round, the battle is one that fights for glory, not the honor of a knighthood we see in movies, but definitely one that ought to establish certain sense of pride and belonging amongst the fresh occupants.

Just less than a week ago, IBG Soccer male was held at that same faithful venue, the ever reliable MPC in Castle Keviia. Simply to paint the enthusiasm and prowess of our players, many balls flew over the tall fences, not once, but on numerous occasions.

Like most other sports, each block enthusiastically sent out their team to compete in one of the world’s favorite sports. Just as the various premier leagues kicked off their season in the western continent, KEVII’s various participants rolled up their sleeves and got ready for the adrenaline pumping game.

E block and F block started the night off, with numerous freshmen in the lineup, ready to make their respective debuts.  Soon, the “all-blacks” and the blues were in action, in a very even and entertaining first half. Shaam from E-block shone particularly as he showed good footwork and caused all kinds of troubles for the blue’s defense. It was not long before Shaam, a debutant himself, opened up his goal account, which was to be continued with some scoring sprees as the night grew.

In the other colors, there were CD block in a conspicuous yellow, AB block in an eye-catching shade of green and GH block in blood red.

AB block demonstrated very good sportsmanship throughout the game, and if anything, the supporters deserved all the praises coming their way. The way they enthused their players on the field throughout the games, showing some fierce loyalty.

GH showed great dominance throughout the competition, sweeping their way through all other teams to maintain an all-win record. It was a combination of brute strength, lightning speed, and the brilliance of some skilled individuals. They were the favorites anyway, so the result was an unsurprising one.

The most exciting match happened to be the last game of the night, between E-block and GH block. Any result other than a loss would put GH at the head on the scoreboard.  CD was relying on GH to thrash E by more than 6 goals to steal the second place from under their nose. E-adopted a disciplined approach and dwelled heavily on it as well as the team’s chemistry to overcome the threat that stood before them. It was a hard-fought battle, and there were of course moments of frustration from some dubious decision from the referee.  Despite the hard work, E-block eventually succumbed to the technical-superiority of GH-block, and ended the game with a 2-0 score line, to take second place.

The guys ended the night on a high and selfless note when they extended their hands of friendship to one another.  It was a fierce fight, but they knew better than to hold grudges.


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