Written by: Pin Lang

Edited by: Png Ning

It was Day 4 of IBG! Floorball was all that occupied the minds of players who walked into the communal hall. With sticks in hand, all male players from different blocks gathered at 7pm to kick start the adrenaline pumping game. In this year’s IBG Floorball, each block was to send in 4 players (senior quota: 2) to play for a total of 16 minutes, or 8 minutes per half. Players have to shoot balls into a goalpost that is covered by a plastic canvas sheet with holes strategically cut in. Thus, players needed more than just plain skills in this game. Accuracy was also solely needed. After a short briefing by the Floorball Captain, Chee Sheng, the IBG Floorball officially started!

First up was the match between AB and F Block. AB Block sent out 3 freshmen and 1 senior to meet the match against F Block which was led by F Block Head Lionel. AB’s Ryan went for a kill within seconds of the game; however, it was not successful. Supporters from both blocks cheered hard for the players on court, shouting out block cheers and instructions. Ryan made another kill and succeeded in scoring the first ball of the game. AB supporters went wild, yelling and screaming in joy! F Block was a little surprised by the goal but quickly recovered to defend. F’s Lionel ran hard after the ball to prevent AB’s fierce attack. However, AB was not successfully thwarted and scored another goal before half time. In the second half, F Block changed its strategy by pumping in fresh players. AB returned on court with its original team, refreshed from the short break. In the second half, AB continued its assault on F Block while F valiantly tried to withstand the attack. Some attempts were made by F Block to return the attack but the match ended with AB scoring two more goals.

CD and E Block were well matched and provided an exciting game. As compared to AB and F Block, CD and E Block both employed a different playing style. The players from both teams were more spread out and there was less crowding of players around the ball. Nevertheless, the match was fast paced. CD’s Joel managed to score a goal in the first half and this added pressure onto E Block. In the second half, it was evident that E Block players were anxious to score a goal to salvage the situation. Unfortunately, Joel scored yet another goal and momentarily, the tension of the game increased. E Block played hard and made several attempts to dominate the ball. They finally caught a break when Ming Zhou scored an unexpected goal from halfway through the court. The game concluded with the score 2 :1 (CD:E).

The highlights of the game were largely centered on matches involving GH.  GH was seen as to most likely to win due to their massive numbers of players and skilled seniors. With a total of two lines of players and two experiencef KEVII Floorball seniors in each line, all other blocks expected a fierce match with GH. In the match against AB, GH utilized both sets of players, constantly changing the sets after each goal is scored. The match began with a fierce attack by GH on AB. GH’s Nelson narrowly missed a goal but this error was soon rectified by Jamil, who scored after awhile. AB tried to defend and Ryan managed to salvage the situation with two goals. The match ended with GH scoring a total of five goals. In the matches against GH, one can’t help to notice a strategy formation at play. The ball was transferred between three GH players positioned in a rough zig-zag manner across the court and subsequently being shot into the goal post. However, GH met their match in CD, who trashed them by a goal in the first half. Despite attempts by the GH seniors to win back the score in the second half, CD was on a lucky streak and managed to score another goal, widening the gap. Unfortunately, GH was not able to make a successful comeback and CD emerged victorious with two goals.

All in all, the Floorball was exhilarating for both the players as well as the supporters. Be it a win or loss, everyone went back satisfied with a well-played game.


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