IBG Basketball-Male

Written by: Fang Hau

It was the first day of IBG. Keviians geared up themselves – be it in sports wear or cheering equipments, and gathered at the MPC. The event was none other than the basketball.

The whole game started off with CD vs F, with much cheering from supporters of both blocks. The nucleus of the CD team, Jerwin, injected some pace into his game and made his way past the opposing team’s defense for a layup, earning CD’s 2 points. Both teams fought hard. However CD players were better, putting a cruel end to the game with a final score of 26:12. F block did not give up upon their first lost.  Their fighting spirit was evident when they played against AB players. Zachery, a freshman from F block, found his way past a packed AB team’s defense with some skills and agility, continued with a beautiful layup.  He managed to break the tie between F and AB.  The entire F team had extremely good chemistry and managed to beat AB with a score of 11:6, when the final whistle was blown.

In the midst of the game, talented and skilled freshman player, WuYang together with a seasoned senior Rong Bing helped AB to take down E, but was less fortunate when they faced CD and GH. With good morale and spirit, they put up a good fight for all games and both the seniors and freshman had fun. At the same time, GH played well and dominated the game upon reaching their third victory. With the game seemingly in the bag, GH team’s star player, Wei Han, began shooting 3 points shots with less pressure, which indefinitely opened the game more.

 Although having lost two matches, E block players managed to take down CD in their third match. It was a game of two halves. In the first, E block started off with a lineup of completely new players, a decision which proved to backfire as they got pummeled badly by the opposition. Luckily enough, in the second half, two seasoned players, Da Long and Huize, together with a star freshman-Christopher came in to help the team bounce back and gradually worked their way back into their first victory.

 The highlight of the night would be the last match, between CD and GH. Both sides had good players, and of course, a large pool of supporters screaming on top of their lungs. It was a true display of basketball skills, with both teams fighting to score. It was a close match, but CD managed to break the tie during the last 3rd minute, writing down the score of 13:12.

As the referee blew the final whistle, CD erupted with excitement as they triumphed over GH in a deadly game. That would be the first, the last and the only lost GH encountered in the male basketball games. Overall, GH emerged as champion in the game; CD took the second place, followed by F, E and AB taking the 3rd, 4th and 5th positions, respectively.

 Despite the ferocious battle on the field, all players embraced and congratulated one another for a great game.


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