rocke special #4: keeping those goodies snug and happy

Written by: Lisa Lau
Edited by: Jason Yan

Enter any Keviian’s room and chances are you will spy a common item (understandably) tucked into an inconspicuous corner: the humble laundry basket. Sure, it may not take pride of place in your room, but hall life can become a potential biohazard / stink-bomb without it. Usually used to house both dirty and clean laundry, the laundry “basket” comes in multiple forms; its incarnations vary from a massive plastic bag to the conventional plastic laundry basket, complete with long handles made for the regular hike to the launderette.

If you don’t already own a laundry basket (which is highly unlikely and in which case bespeaks an urgent need for a crash course in personal hygiene) and you’re highly desperate for one, fret not – PGPR’s Nanyang Supermarket carries a few inexpensive but sturdy plastic ones. Of course, you could probably save a few dollars and get cheaper baskets from any Sheng Siong Supermarket (the closest one being at West Coast) or Giant at Vivocity.

IKEA, of course, would have to be the pilgrimage site for hostelities with an eye for décor and who would like to proudly declare themselves an owner of a aesthetically pleasing / unobstructive laundry basket.  You probably know which laundry basket I’m referring to: the semi-translucent collapsible plastic one, which is perfect for the space-strapped (i.e. Keviians), though not for the cash-strapped (i.e. Keviians as well). However, if you’re REALLY that pressed for money, then the roomy yellow or blue IKEA carrier bags will do just fine. They’re cheap and durable with enough room to spare for a week’s worth of laundry and more. And hey, you get to make a choice between two primary colors, how can life get any better than this!

For the uninitiated, you may want to get a basket or bag distinct enough not to be confused with those belonging to other residents, or at least label your name on it. A cautionary tale: I have been unfortunate enough to have my laundry basket unceremoniously exchanged with a similar-looking one (though its contents, in terms of worth and stylishness, differed greatly). Imagine my horror when I discovered that my extensive collection of breathtaking lingerie had transformed into a mass of shapeless granny panties.

On that note, here’s another tip for doing laundry: if you’re one of the unlucky ones who always loses a sock in the washing machine or the dryer, keep them safe in a laundry net along with your other delicates. Mismatched socks are just about six seasons ago, for the record.

Happy basket hunting / washing / spinning!


1 Response to “rocke special #4: keeping those goodies snug and happy”

  1. 1 kenjuin
    August 15, 2011 at 10:49 PM

    That part about shapeless granny panties had me laughing like hell. in fact the whole article did. love this feature.

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