East Wing Supper!

Written by: Pin Lang
Edited by: Adriel Leong

If you are a fan of popular game shows and often extended your dinnertime just to finish watching Wheel of Fortune in the dining hall, you would have missed a great show at the second East Wing Supper. On Wednesday, the 6th April, East Wing held its second supper with the fabulous theme of game shows, specially featuring popular shows such as the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and ‘The Price is Right’. The supper started around 10pm at the communal Hall, with people already trickling prior to the start of the supper in eager anticipation of the night’s activities.

Aptly named ‘ East All ABout Money’, this supper was quite different from the rest of the suppers.

1. You can’t eat the food immediately
2. There’s free stuff that you can win
3. The programmes are simply too hilarious to ignore

A Crowded Communal Hall of People

The first game show was the ‘Wheel of Fortune’. Though it retained some aspects of the original game show, the AB and CD block committees made this universally loved game show their very own by adding creative alternatives. The 6 contestants of the game were selected from the blockers seated and a total of 3 groups comprising of two members each were formed. The 3 groups had creative names, namely Angry Birds (Group 1) , Grey Team (Group 2) and Bananas in Pyjamas (Group 3). The game show was hosted by Terrence and Jobina with a special appearance by Lin Hui as the game show girl, Superwhite.

Our Wheel of Fortune Contestants

The 3 groups started off with a ‘Before and After’ word puzzle (Home sweet home loan) followed by a ‘What Are You Doing’ puzzle. This word puzzle was particularly mind boggling with 36 blanks. Bananas in Pj started first and made some progress with the guessing however, they soon found themselves bankrupt. Angry birds picked up the baton and continued with the guessing. But, it seems that the wheel was cursed leaving Angry Birds suffering the same fate as the Bananas in Pj. Everyone was watching the game intently as the groups battled it out while struggling to answer the complex puzzle. The Bananas in Pj were plagued by bad luck in Round 1. In one spin, the pointer reached ‘Lose a turn’, which was an unfortunate marker to land on in this altered version of “Wheel of Fortune’. Not only did the Bananas in Pj lose a turn, they were also forced to wear a fake mustache and a pair of Shrek ears as punishments. The puzzle was finally solved by the Angry Birds. Any guesses? (Answer: Watching The Picturesque View From E Eight)

Spot the Misspelt Word

Our Winners with Superwhite

In Round 2, the Grey team kick started the game (Occupation) with high hopes, only to find themselves at ‘Lose a turn’. (Cue punishment: mustache and bunny ears). The Bananas in Pj were up next but they too lost a turn and had to dress in sunglasses and mittens in addition to their previous punishments. Angry Birds made about their guess next but the ‘Final Spin’ bell sounded and Jobina made the final spin of 700 points. The Gray team made a successful recovery from the loss in Round 1 and solved the puzzle ‘Dermatologist’. However, their luck didn’t last long enough to sustain them through the bonus round (puzzle: Hazy Morning). The Grey Team won themselves a $10 Co-Op voucher while the two other teams received certificates of appreciation.

By this time, the crowd was starving and everyone made a mad dash for the food table. The supper table was decked out fabulously with delicious sushi, finger food, fruit salad and a rarely seen white chocolate fondue. The queue was long but the food was definitely worth the wait, especially the divine marshmallows and strawberries dipped in white chocolate. The goreng pisang was also delectable with its crispy skin and soft center. Within a short span of 15 minutes, the 5 trays of finger food was all gone while the sushi diminished at a rapid rate. As we fed our stomachs with the delicious food, we were told to return to our seats to enjoy the next segment of the supper, The Price is Right.

Mouth Watering Sushi

Look at all that finger food!

The next game show, The Price is Right, proved more exciting than Wheel of Fortune. For those who have never seen this game, here’s a quick introduction. One has to just pick a price for the item chosen and if you made the closest answer to the actual price, you will win the prize. A total of 11 prizes were given out for this game along with a special prize ceremony by our game show girls, Black cat and White cat. The crowd was wild in this game with various blockers shouting answers and making mad dash to secure a place at the table to play the game. But of the all the prizes offered, the most interesting prize was the services offered by the blockheads. The puzzling prize had our contestants stumped and the answers given had a huge price range $1 to $100, showing how each contestant valued these special services. Lin Hui’s Breakfast in Bed was won by Deborah Wong, who looked absolutely surprised by her win, while Qing Liang’s Room Cleaning Service was won by delighted Tharsan.

The second East Wing Supper ended successfully as the happy blockers went back satisfied with filled tummies and their prizes. Having had such an awesome time, the bar for Block suppers has certainly been raised and I wait in anticipation for the AB and CD block committees to outdo themselves in the next East Wing Supper!

Hot Babes!


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