KEVIIAN Day 2011!

Written by: Pin Lang
Edited by: Adriel Leong  

KEVIIAN Day-17th March- is really an EPIC night that many KEViians are unlikely to forget. This year’s KEVIIAN day was the cumulation of 5 block committees’ hardwork, who were determined to offer a totally different KEVIIAN day from last year. Gone were the bright lights and carnival fun, and in its place, was the bustling nightlife of KEVII hall!

Despite EPIC night only starting late at night, most block committee members from various blocks had already gathered at evening time to start the preparations for this important day. I hurried back to hall after lessons to help out with the extensive work that needed to done. The programmes committee had started just started decorated the comm. hall when I arrived. The station masters had gathered their members and were anxiously arranging their booths. In one corner, Kelvin patiently arranged the bottles at one station, while Unnaa and many others were busily blowing balloons and bending light sticks for the decorations. I quickly deposited my things and went to help out. As we transformed the comm. Hall to stimulate the lovely atmosphere of night life in KEVII, the food committee members was stretched to their limits, working and slaving over the stoves to create the best and delicious food in all 5 kitchenettes. Some food, like the scrumptious apple crumble, was even baked days prior to the event! Noticing the over stretched food committee, I decided to volunteer my services as I wrapped up the last of my booth’s decorations. After a quick word with Gregory, the programmes committee head, I quickly made my way to the AB Kitchenette.

preparation, preparation, preparation

The AB Kitchenette looked a little like a war zone. The table was cluttered with pots and pans that were laid out to dry and many people were jostling for space to prepare various items. I watched Terence happily mixed the waffle batter while Charmaine oversaw the goreng pisang making process. A quick word with Charmaine sent me off the E Kitchenette to bring the all important chocolate fondue to the comm. Hall. The E Kitchenette was no better than AB’s. Joanne moved frantically between the table, oven and fridge as she watched the kebabs cooked, while removing the food from the fridge and arranging them on the table. Not willing to interrupt Joanne from her many tasks for long, I quickly mentioned Charmaine’s instructions and took the precious fondue bowl to the comm. Hall.

The comm. Hall was dark when I arrived, a vast difference from the brightly lighted place that I left. A pleasant atmosphere surrounded me as I entered the comm. Hall. Many light sticks were already in operation and gave the comm. Hall a mysterious feel with their fluorescent light. The game stations were ready to begin and the band was getting ready on stage. Sheikh , the emcee for the night, was testing the mike as he waited for the block committees to wrap their respective work. Soon, the food streamed in. Trays loaded with burgers, kebabs and various delights occupied the long table as Wang Ce directed the constant flow of incoming food. I eyed the delectable bubble tea as I guarded the fondue. As the food settled nicely on the table, a final check was conducted and the cue was given to start EPIC Night.

A handful of pretty lightsticks

Positioning myself at the food table, I manned the chocolate fondue. The chocolate fondue and waffles were the special food that required KEViians to actively participate at the game stations to redeem for. Though many came up with eager faces to enjoy the chocolate fondue and waffles, I had to turn them away as they did not have the required 3 red or 9 green stickers. Most were disappointed but I soon saw them returning with many stickers stuck on their shirts and hands. As I dispensed the chocolate fondue, I watched the band performed. Sadly, I couldn’t fully enjoy the performance as it was punctuated with requests for the special food. As the night grew later, the stream of crowd increased. The night reached a high during the hotdog eating competition. Each Block sent 2 representatives in this epic eating competition. Terence, who was manning the waffles, had been eagerly waited for this competition to fill his hungry stomach. The competition started off with the contestants stuffing themselves silly with the hotdogs. Some hit their chests to help move the bread that was stuck in their throats while others drank cups and cups of water. The competition was fierce and the audience cheered loudly as they watched their blockers fight it on in the hotdog eating arena. Johan and Pau from AB Block emerged winner from the intensive fight and became our fastest hotdog eating couple.

Lovely music

Epic madness!

The EPIC night soon came to a close as our Hall Master conducted the lucky draw. Attractive prizes were given but sadly I wasn’t lucky enough to win a prize. The crowd slowly trickled out after that and the block comm. members began the tedious task of cleaning up. The remaining food and trash was cleared, station masters packed up the booths and the tables and chairs were shifted back to the dining hall. The waffle making remained the only operating unit as we cleared up. Waffle orders could still be made as we cleaned late into the night. But it wasn’t long before the waffle mixture ran out as well.

As we removed the decorations that return the comm. Hall to its former self, all of us felt happy that EPIC night had truly been EPIC. It’ll be hard for the next year’s block committees to put up just as wonderful a night as this year, but I look forward to more fabulous KEVIIAN day next year.


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