EF Supper 30/03/2011

Written by: Adrian Chia

Edited by Jocelyn Yeo

You’ve heard about the fabulous suppers in the neighbouring block. You’ve yearned to try out the good food. But all these while, you have been too shy to crash. And as the sound and scent from the supper wafted across the empty space between the two blocks into your room, you found it really hard to keep your attention focused on your assignments, as you fought the immense desire to join in the fun. You shut your windows (or doors) in a vain attempt to block out the temptation. You’ve betrayed your heart as your stomach growled loudly in protest.

Well, if you are guilty of doing any of the things mentioned above, then the EF Supper on the 30th of March was definitely an occasion you should not have missed. That night, the stairway linking E4 and F4 was bustling with an unusual amount of activity. As the shrieks of ‘EF Supperrrrr’ echoed through the crisp night air, residents from both blocks quickly converged onto that narrow stretch of stairs to enjoy the best culinary skills put together by the members of the E and F block committees. For once, residents of both blocks could get together to enjoy a common supper without being labelled as a crasher!

So, this was probably the best way to have journeyed through the supper: start from either end of the stairway, collect a paper plate and walk towards the opposite block. Along the way, collect as much food as you wished from the tables strategically located at the flat landings. Pick what you like from the impressive menu: crispy prata with ice-cream, juicy roast chicken, crunchy apple crumble, heavenly eclairs and an assortment of yummy cookies and pastries. For those who planned to pull an all-nighter, you might also have wished to try the drink – a potent concoction of jasmine tea, green tea and oolong tea (upon verification with the block committees, it was later revealed that the tea was none other than the good old Lipton tea – the writer’s apologises for his mega gustatory failure).

Making multiple trips up and down the flight of stairs thus became one of the night’s favourite activities. Many residents clearly liked the unique exercise as they were able to replace the energy expenditure as quickly as it was incurred with more food disappearing into their stomachs. Of course, as most suppers go, the night was not just about food. Many residents took the opportunity to catch up with their neighbours, especially those from the opposite block whom they do not get to meet so often.

The supper finally ended at around 10.30pm, with the residents feeling very satisfied and pampered. Many thanks to all the block committee members involved in the preparation!

KE Press apologizes for the lack of photos. Sorry!



2 Responses to “EF Supper 30/03/2011”

  1. April 9, 2011 at 5:38 PM

    hi, i am a student from IIT Delhi, India, and will be in NUS for the coming summer for a research intern, could any of you please let me know if I could get accommodation in King Edward Hall for a a period of three months, May to July, 2011?

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