KEVIIan Day 2011 – KE Epic Night

Written by: Jonathan Chan

Edited by: Jocelyn Yeo

Pictures by: Jacqueline Lie, Facebook

KEVIIan Day 2011 – KE Epic Night finally kicked off on the evening of the 17th of March, after weeks of preparation by the various block committees. Even from yesterday, the sweet smell of baking apple crumble could be smelt from the kitchenettes of the E, F and G blocks. Surround Smell, as it were, for the residents who lived in F4.

I hurried down to the comm. hall at the beckoning of the block committees. Even outside the XQRJ room, I could already hear the music from the hall and hurried up the steps, round the Incubation Room, and saw… darkness. A curtain hung over the entrance to hall, with several block comm. members hurriedly pasting last minute decor. Lionel waved me through and in I went.

The comm. hall was darkened, and as my eyes adjusted, I saw the games stations laid out across the hall, where residents could win coupons for waffles and chocolate fondue. Ruth led a bottle sliding game near the entrance of the hall, which I skipped around, before quickly getting into the KE Trivia Game, led by Fang Hau, and winning a few coupons after identifying Fang Chee as an IVP Soccer Player and Jerusha as my Block Head, among several other questions.

I moved on to the game where contestants had to knock down stacks of cans with a well-aimed tennis ball. Confidently I took the ball, thinking that it would be easier to knock down a stack of cans at 3 meters than it would be to score a handball goal at 6. But I misjudged the weight of the ball and my first attempt missed every can, before heading straight into the wall. My second then brought down half a stack and the game masters kindly gave me a token coupon, even though I hadn’t achieved their objective of 8 cans knocked over. I tried to sneak off into the darkness before anyone could notice how badly I had fared for a handballer, until a hand came down on my shoulder. I turned and saw that the hand belonged to Eddie, who was grinning and saying “I saw that”. So much for the darkness.

The deceptively easy can game.

I walked towards Maeyue’s games stall where contestants had to loop light sticks around bottles. Upon seeing that it, like Ruth’s stall, was crowded, I decided to give it a miss for the moment, and was promptly accosted by CunZhi who dragged me and a few other seniors to take part in his team’s game. This was one of those games which reflected the inherent sadistic nature which lies buried in all block comm. members. Contestants had to take turns to spin around a pole 10 times, before performing tasks such as tearing a circle in a piece of paper, eating a cupful of ice cream, adding up numbers or drinking coke with only a spoon, a contest duly won by my side after much staggering around and howling laughter.

Once my world and stomach had subsided, it was time for the food which I had heard so much about! Wang Ce and his crew of cooks did not disappoint, and soon I had a cupful of bubble tea, along with a plate laden with honeyed roti prata, a kebab, and a ladleful of cocktail (high in nata de coco). But my favourites of the night would be the sweet bread pudding and the stellar apple crumble which was crunchy at the crust but soft at the centre. Though CD block’s waffles would be added later, as would a chocolate fondue, the apple crumble would remain my personal favourite for the night, a truly well made dish for a home (or hall) made product.

Famous CD waffles.

Meanwhile, the likes of Sheikh, Mae Yue, Yannick and Xing Ying kept up a steady stream of songs with the rest of the KE band, singing songs such as “She will be loved”, adding to the party atmosphere of the event. Sheikh then called the residents to order, as we moved on to the Hot Dog Eating Competition. Each block had to send a pair of residents up to the stage to see how many of 10 hot dogs they could eat within a stipulated time. Sharifah and Johan from AB led the way, winning with 8 hot dogs eaten in very short order. Patrick and Siying (GH), Louis and Charmaine (E) as well as Terence and Fang Ming (CD) drew next with 7, while poor Deshawn, traumatised from his M2 exams, and Jerusha (F) trailed with 3. This, of course, drew the cheers and yells of the crowd.

Gobble gobble gobble up the hotdogs!

Later, when Louis was asked how he felt after eating so many hot dogs (on top of having eaten ice cream and spun around at Cun Zhi’s abovementioned station), he made a sound which sounded much like “Bleah”.

The night soon wrapped up with a quick lucky draw by our Hall Master A/Prof Ho Yew Kee, with vouchers and the like as prizes. The residents were then left to their own devices, playing their favourite games for the last time and finishing up the food.

The second KEVIIan day was certainly a success, with many expressing their delight at the fun and interaction to be had. Ellie, a freshman from F block who helped to cook the burgers, said  “It’s fun! Do they have it every year?” And yes, it certainly was. Many, many, MANY thanks to the block committees, for the effort in organizing the event, and even more thanks for helping to clear up afterwards.

KE Epic Night - A night that truly lived up to its name.



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