Fishy Business

Written by : Koon Tong
Edited by : Png Ning

How do our hall meals fare against the food from other on-campus outlets in terms of appeal? Would a food critic pick KE’s food over that bought from an external store? On the 24th January 2011, this reporter put these questions to the test!

On that fateful day, this reporter had a packet of cabbage, a slice of luncheon meat and some fish fillet served with rice for dinner. The servings I received that day were slightly generous, and having not much appetite, I did not think I could finish all the food. Instead of throwing the leftovers away, I decided that this would be a good chance to put my research questions to the test!

As for the non-KE food item to be used for comparison, it was decided that the quality of food from the rival stall should be of a high standard, and it just happened that someone had dapaoed some food back from the “Nasi Padang” stall at science canteen! He very graciously relinquished a slice of fish for the sake of this scientific trial.

Our Hall meal’s rival, Nasi Padang

And so the competitors were found, and the time had now come to look for a judge.

In order to make this competition fair, it was decided that the judge:

(1)  must never had any emotional or personal attachments towards KEVII and/or Faculty of Science

(2)  must not have stood to benefit from the Dining Hall Vendors and/or Nasi Padang Stall, and thus would judge with honesty and impartiality.

(3)  must have an acute sense of smell

Well, who else would best fit these 3 criteria and be more suitable than…. Our very own G Block cat! Purr!

Our Involuntary test subject of the experiment.

As we were all taught since young, “Dogs eat Bone, Cats eat Fish”! This fundamental law is as important as the 3 Laws of Motion by Sir Isaac Newton. So we will have to take out the fish from these packed dinners and let the cat take its pick.

Nasi Padang Fish vs. KEVII Dining Hall Fish

Okay. We have the competitors and the judge. Now let me explain the experiment!

Objective: To determine whether Food from

KEVII Dining Hall is more appealing to our Judge as compared to canteen food in-campus.

Execution: Allow our judge, The Cat, to choose which piece it finds fit for consumption.

The Experiment was then conducted and the results were…………rather surprising.

The Judge is having a tough time deciding
The Judge showing no interest with either food
Judge Abandoned the Food
The Judge Hiding in the shoe rack from the food
The Judge Hiding in the shoe rack from the food

From the photos, the result is crystal clear. The judge did not want any of the food provided in its gastrointestinal tract. Even after multiple attempts to persuade the judge into making a choice out of two, our dear judge remained persistent. Please do check out the video below!

In conclusion, our Judge wanted neither of what we offered.  There are several possible explanations to that.  It could be that the food lacks certain aroma or colouration that appeal to him.  It could also be reasoned that we picked a wrong time to tempt him.  He could have had a scrumptious tuna feast just minutes ago and had no room for some fillet.  The answer could even be as simple as him getting pickier with the food offered to him.

Experiment failed? Maybe not. However, we leave it to you to judge.


4 Responses to “Fishy Business”

  1. 1 me
    March 9, 2011 at 6:00 PM

    Haha you picked a very picky cat to start with. Maybe it’s scared of you too :P

  2. 2 kt
    March 9, 2011 at 7:32 PM

    Others had tried feeding the cat. The cat’s just picky! =P

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