E Block CNY Supper!

Written by: Stephanie Yeo

Edited by: Jocelyn Yeo

Photos by: Zhou Shuo, Kelvin Anggara and Liu Qizhi

Hello Chinese New Year – the time of year to gorge ourselves with good food and worry about weight gain later. Preparation for E Block’s CNY supper began early at the E kitchenette, and it was no mean feat! There was a lot of food to prepare to feed the hungry E Blockers later on.

Dumpling Chefs of the night!

When the clock struck 10.30pm, usual calls of “E BLOCK SUPPER!” could be heard throughout the block. Slowly, the blockers made their way down to see what was in store for them. And boy, what a feast there was!

WOW! Look at the spread!

The menu for the day: Hand-made fried and steamed dumplings, mee sua (or mian xian), chicken soup, love letters, pineapple tarts and other cookies and fried spring rolls. Try saying all of these in one breath!

Note the word “hand-made”. Yes, the dumplings were lovingly and painstakingly made using Xinyu’s secret (?) recipe. Even I could not believe my tastebuds! There was much praise for the dumplings, and it was no doubt the most popular item on the menu.

The filling for the dumplings. Chives? Check!

Of course, one could not forget the age-old tradition of tossing Yu Sheng, also called the Prosperity Toss. It’s basically a raw fish salad mixed with shredded vegetables, a variety of sauces and other condiments. (In our version of the yu sheng, the fish was replaced by crackers.) One would then proceed to toss and mix the ingredients as much as they could, while shouting auspicious wishes. “CAP 5!” was the most commonly uttered phrase.


Yu sheng group 1


Yu sheng group 2

Our yu sheng tossing session turned out to be a competition between seniors and freshies. Criteria? The rowdiest and messiest group! The outcome was quite chaotic, as the contents of the yu sheng dish ended up more on the floor than in our mouths.

Look at the mess!

All in all, E Block’s CNY supper was a fun, filling and festive affair. I bet we are looking forward to next year’s one already!

Yay for E Block supper!


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