AB Block supper (31/01/2011) – The Return of the Durian

Written by: Pin Lang
Edited by: Adriel Leong

The 3 things that you should know about the AB Block supper on the 31st of January:

  1. There was an incredible amount of chocolate involved.
  2. There were extremely strong smell at this supper.
  3. There were several extremely crazy and insane post supper events.

Look at that pot full of chocolate!

You have to admit that the AB block committee takes the welfare of its blockers very seriously. This supper is the perfect example. With the high possibility that blockers will be gorging on CNY delights during the festive season, the block committee had taken into consideration all the additional calorie intake needed for the holidays and decided to have a more “slimming” supper of fruits. While the theme did sound less enticing than the prior suppers, I assure you that the food served was gastronomic.

I arrived late for the AB fruit supper as I had rushed over from another supper held half an hour earlier.(the post-Hallplay celebratory supper!) With a stomach stuffed from the prior supper, I was pretty certain that I couldn’t take another bite at this supper. However, the sumptuous spread of fruits and chocolate fondue was certainly too much for this self professed fruit lover to resist. Naturally, like all the other AB blockers present, I succumbed to the lure of chocolate fondue and helped myself to a stick of chocolate coated fruit before it was all gone.

A delicious spread of fruits for the fondue

The night’s events just got better as it went on. The smell emanating from the lounge was so distinctive that no one could mistake the identity of the marvelous fruit tempting everyone outside. If you haven’t already guessed the identity of the mysterious fruit, here’s the huge hint: This supper was so named, “The Return of the Durian”. This little guest-star fruit had numerous people camping outside the lounge, savoring their supper whilst waiting for the next durian to be opened. Managing to grab some durian after some time, I stayed outside the lounge for a fun-filled conversation with some durian enthusiasts, who, judging from the number of durian seeds left, had polished off around 3-4 portions already.

Glorious Durian!

Johan with his mouth stuffed full of durian

Towards the end of supper, a steady trickle of blockers had returned to their rooms, all well fed and contented with their treat that night. However, the night’s events took an even wilder turn. Feeding people copious amounts of chocolate, particularly in the night, certainly has a queer effect on them.  Everyone still hanging around in the lounge wore a funny look, which I cannot help but attribute to the chocolate rush. Suddenly, a finger or a palm (one can’t really tell) smeared with liberal amounts of chocolate came out of nowhere and landed on Johan’s face – igniting the CHOCOLATE WAR! Making an extremely quick dash to the lounge door, this writer managed to escape just in the nick of time and managed to spectate the mad and messy war from the comfort and safely of outside.

All in all, you have to admit this AB supper ended with a “bang”. For those who sadly missed this, you’ll have to wait till the next incredible AB supper. And for those who did manage to attend supper, I certainly hope that your CNY experience can match this supper!  Happy Holidays Everyone! :)



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