F Block – Welcome Back Supper

Written by: Jason Yan
Edited by: Jocelyn Yeo
Photos by: Lim Sirong, Wang Zeyu (with special thanks to Lei Jieqiong’s camera)

F Block’s inaugural supper for the semester, bleakly titled Welcome Back Supper, may have been stripped of any pretensions such as the fanciful themes that agonize the ordinary KEVII resident (i.e. sartorially handicapped – just kidding!), but it was far from plain ol’ boring, as F Block lives up to its motto of Fun, Family, Friends, and every other positive F word known to the English-speaking community.




F apparently stands for punctuality as well: our Resident Fellow Dr. Seow was visibly amused at the banshee shrieks issued forth by the Block Commers to call the residents down to the supper at 9:00pm sharp. (Dr. Seow was also equally amused to hear that a certain writer S/U-ed his module last semester, but I digress.)

Food (i.e. the new residents – just kidding!)

The supper introduced fresh meat – literally on the supper table (yum!), and figuratively in the form of new residents (YUM! – just kidding!) – to the block. The draw of food lovingly prepared by the F Block Comm that ranged from Ribena-Sprite to crabmeat rolls proved too much to resist; F Blockers from past to present congregated in a sparkling clean Block Lounge to make the supper a truly inter-generational event: both doe-eyed blockers who’ve moved in only the week before to blockers of the past (i.e. slowly shuffling toward decrepitude and old age – just kidding!) were spotted, along with a few stray residents from other blocks.



… and meat.


Food was clearly not the only thing on the menu as well; entertainment for the night came in the guise of our resident beefcake who gamely stripped (a sight for sore and roving eyes – just kidding!). All too soon, the supper came to a close and it was with expectation for greater suppers that the residents of F Block left.

Full and satiated!


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