The Second After Dusk Party

Written by: Stephanie Yeo

Edited by: Jocelyn Yeo

Darkness greets you as you descend the stairs towards the Comm Hall. You receive your ticket from the ticket master, and wait with bated breath for your turn to enter the maze – one which will lead you deep into the heart of the Forbidden City. Brave souls enter alone, while those of fainter hearts go nervously in pairs. You do not know what’s in store, but after hearing ear-piercing shrieks of those who have plunged first into the blackness, you think twice…

Dummies and ghouls and ghostly brides spooked up the KE7 Comm hall at the second After Dusk Party (ADP). It was held on 29 October 2010, and organised by the GH Block Committee in conjunction with Halloween! You’ll see the comm hall in a different light-(um I mean dark? Okay never mind.) It was really really really dark, pitch black in fact – the perfect setting for scaring the wits out of ADP-goers. And boy did the “ghosts” in the maze do just that. My palms were sweating even before I entered, thanks to the screams and squeals of those who went in before me.

The tasks we had to do were set according to the theme of “Forbidden City”. The first task took place in a Chinese wedding chamber- sit on the bed and unveil the bride (I have to admit I’m not much of a horror-genre loving person, so you could imagine how loudly I screamed when I stared in the face of a ghastly-looking bride and other ghouls). Then we had to crawl through a claustrophobic-with-people-grabbing-you-out-of-nowhere tunnel into a torture chamber to “free” someone’s master. A lot of thought was put into the details of the room and tasks, including props such as an array of knives, a finger-clamp and real metal chains!

Of course, no scare would be complete without flying or rather, “popping out” elements such as the swooping dummy which many people felt was the highlight of the night:

It’s neither a bird nor a plane. It’s here to haaaaaaunt yoooouuuu!

Another heart-stopper was the ghost which suddenly popped its head out when you were asked to “read the will!”

Finally, we came to a funeral parlour to “pay our last respects”. The catch was to remove the red bangle, but not without incurring the wrath of the deceased woman, who wailed furiously about the taking of her prized possession.

The high priest and the lady.

Screaming does deplete much of your energy, so we headed downstairs to have some supper, together with some entertainment from KE Band! The food was good and well prepared (they served some killer tang yuan!), and the band totally rocked the house with songs from Linkin’ Park and Muse.

ADP Supper Team to the rescue!

Overall, ADP 2010 was very well planned and thought out, with great ideas and execution, especially so for the props and the makeup of the characters. Here’s what some ADP-goers had to say about their experience:

Damn scary!”-Unnaa

It was awesome!”-Koon Tong

Loads better than last year! I miss last year’s gula melaka sago though!”-Sharlyn


And though some others felt that there were quite a few empty spaces along the way, the scare factor more than made up for it.

Paid $5 for a night of good scares, good food and good music? Well worth every cent! I’m sure we are all looking forward to another ADP next year. Kudos to the GH Block Comm for putting up such an awesome Halloween Party!

Three cheers for the GH Block Committee!


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