2nd Formal Hall Dinner 0f 2010 – Shiok Hall Dinner (28th October 2010)

‘Sea of Pink’

Written by: Julian Tay
Edited by: Adriel Leong

KE VII Hall made another statement, yet again, through their 2nd formal dinner – Shiok Hall Dinner (SHD) – it was announced that the theme was to be “Pink is the New Black”. That night was a pure sensory overdrive for the residents as everyone came streaming in in literally anything and everything that could have possibly been pink. It was evidently a smorgasbord of diverse pink apparels, ranging from pink tops, shirts and even soft toys to ridiculously pink trousers that one would not expect any living soul to wear to the streets. However, not everyone was in pink as the GH Block Committee decided to dress up as ghosts and Chinese mediums for the night; a promotional attempt for their ‘After Dusk Party’ which was held on the next day. Their presence in the Dining Hall that night not only added another dimension (in more ways than one) to the event but also definitely brought on frequent stares by other residents. One thing was clear though, the dining hall was filled to the brim with everyone dressing to the nines subtly hinting that this was an event not to be missed.

Unlike the first formal hall dinner of the year, there were no programs planned for SHD other than a song dedication segment throughout the event and thus, the primary agenda of the night revolved around good food – a 7 course meal of scrumptious dishes that could whet any individual’s appetite by mere sight or smell. Side-stepping the staple rice, the night began with succulent dumplings drowned in Chinese vinegar to the surprise and delight of many. While the dish’s presentation may not be as impressive, the taste could certainly rival that of Crystal Jade’s. Suffice to say, the night’s dishes were all very well prepared by the caterer and ended with a concoction of glass jelly – or better known locally as cincau – with longans as dessert.

Although no programs were lined up for the night, the night was nothing short of laughter and fun; all thanks to several unnamed hall residents who dedicated songs on behalf of their friends to others as a prank. The dubious song dedications included one by a certain Patrick to Yu Tong (GH pageant representative) with the song “I’ll make love to you” made famous by ‘Boyz 2 Men’ and another by room G408 to “Maggie Q” with an equally awkward song for the couple. It was evident that this form of sabo was well received by the hall residents as a rousing cheer could be felt reverberating through the hall when the dedications were displayed, much to the delight of everyone.

The night was also full of drama when a performance by Nicholas Chai (JCRC Culture Secretary) and Chun Keat was interrupted not once but TWICE due to YouTube downloading issues. However, that did not stop them from giving a spectacular performance when they completed the song home by Michael Buble a cappella style. That performance certainly struck an emotional cord, leaving most of the female residents teary eyed. The main highlight of the night, however, went to Shake who is fondly known as “The Rock” by hall residents. His rendition of  Hero by Enrique Iglesias while playfully wooing some of the female residents, resulting in some of them to blush to a light shade of pink, further contributing to the ‘pinkish’ theme of the night.

All in all, SHD was a night filled with awesomeness and camaraderie and success in the eyes of many. It is no wonder that Formal Hall Dinners will always be a tradition yet novel experience that is highly anticipated by residents – both old and new. We most certainly look forward to the next formal hall dinner!

We apologize for the lack of pictures, which will be uploaded shortly!


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