E Block’s Dessert Night – Get Together!

Writer: Yinan

Editor: Jocelyn

It was a night of great desserts and even greater company, as the E blockers gathered at the kitchenette to enjoy a sweet supper of tangyuan, fruit salad, bean curd and chips. For many blockers, the night provided a short respite from studies, and marked the end of the hectic days of ICN practices.

The traditional Chinese dessert, tangyuan, was the main dish of the E Block dessert supper. Tangyuan is a dessert that consists of glutinous rice flour made into bite-sized balls, and usually filled with sesame or red bean paste. Interestingly, the pronunciation of the word ‘tangyuan’ is similar for the Chinese phrase for ‘get together’, which was exactly what the E blockers did when they trooped down to the kitchenette at around 10pm that night, happy and hungry. The tangyuan served also seemed as excited as the blockers, who when laughing with mouths opened, ended up spitting much of the fillings out. Though this did not deter anyone from enjoying their glutinous rice balls!

The fruit salad and potato chips were also very well received. It seemed that the girls preferred the salad, while the boys loved chips, because interestingly enough, many girls were stationed around salad while a big group of boys were gathered around potato chips.


Residents enjoying desserts

Finally, everyone also got a spoonful or more of bean curd, which completed the night’s fun. The bean curd was a good choice of dessert there, as those who couldn’t get used to the sticky texture of the tangyuan could enjoy the bean curd. As such, I felt that the block committee was very considerate when preparing the supper. According to Cheng Yi, a member of the E Block comm, they started preparing the supper from 8pm onwards, a whole two hours before the supper actually began! But the appreciation and enjoyment from the E block residences were definitely worth all the hard work.

Great food, but even greater company!

As the night got darker and darker, the noises grew louder and louder, as everybody looked forward to the weekend.

Great job block comm!


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