Internal Cultural Night (ICN)

Written by: Gavin Cheah
Edited by: Adriel Leong
Photos by: Sheng Jie

Internal Cultural Night (ICN) held on the 21st of October 2010 was yet another resounding success, showcasing the many different cultural talents in hall. Themed “Emotions”, the event certainly did not fail to feature the entire spectrum of human emotion, even “suppressed” ones.

Walking into the Comm Hall, one could not help but notice the many emoticons on the floor with different expressions, certainly reflecting the wide array of emotions that the audience were about to be bombarded with as the evening progressed.

Unnaa and Sheikh aka “The Rock” were the MCs for the night. The event was inaugurated by our much loved Hall Master, Assoc. Prof. Ho Yew Kee who challenged the KEVIIans to explore ‘unchartered waters’ and stretch their limits.

Danz Demonz kicked off the event with “Love Requited”, a hip hop dance. It was about the prevailing love of a guy for a girl. The choreography got everybody’s spirits high and rightly so, paving the way for the KE Titans.

The cheerleaders clad in black and white put up an electrifying performance, with the numerous flips and tosses, much to the audiences’ delight. In their sophomore year now, the Titans powered though full steam ahead with their daring manoeuvres. Who could forget the 3 tiered pyramid with Charmaine popping up right at the top and the cheerleaders shouting KE 7 in unison? Much to the audience’s approving applause and cheers!

Go Titans!

Xin Yao was right after and presented four Chinese songs, “Ying Hou”, “Wu Hou”, “Sui Hua” and “Cui Yingying”.  The prevailing mood took a sentimental turn as the audience was taken through various renditions of student composed songs. This year’s songs featured the various themes of determination, optimism, and even sorrow; something that every resident faces in his time in hall.

Xin Yao

The lucky draw session had the audience roaring with laughter when Wang Cong was asked to express an emotion on stage. Without any hesitation, he immediately burst into a hearty laugh, capturing the essence of the moment.

Our hall’s much acclaimed Chinese Drama took to the stage with a play titled “Beloved on The Phone”. The story revolved around a guy receiving a call from a girl pretending to be his girlfriend. It cheered him up to no end but was left him disappointed and angry when he found out about the white lie. Yue Theng, who played the character of a colleague to the protagonist, stirred giggles from the audience, as one commented, “His face suits the role! He has a natural flair for the character!”.

Danz Demonz followed suit with a simmering item accompanied with sexy moves, titled “Carmenized” from the famous opera Carmen.  After the performance, Sheikh was flirtatiously seen trying to obtain the performers’ phone numbers, irritating his co-MC in the process who was certainly not impressed.

The night went on with melodious renditions from KE Acapella, as they started with a medley of familiar hits. The “Love Your Ride” song familiar to many MRT commuters was downright entertaining and got the audience cheering. Up next was “That Thing You Do” popularized by The Wonders which was equally fun to listen to. Never before had the human voice achieved such a perfect harmony without any musical accompaniment!

KE Acapella

The KE English Literature & Drama (ELnD) soon followed suit. It was about a less than perfect wedding between Reuben, the groom and his bride, Joanne, as told by a story-teller (Ru Bin). As the pair appeared on stage, accompanied by that familiar matrimonial song, the audience responded with thunderous applause. The highlight had to be the slides shown at the end, depicting the newly wedded couple in rather compromising positions.

Glorious Food

A short break for refreshments saw people queuing up in the hordes, eager to grab a bite. With everybody’s stomach filled, the KE Band unleashed its electrifying performance with Sheikh’s rendition of ‘With or Without You’ by U2, Joel Arun’s soaring vocals of ‘High & Dry’ by Radiohead & Yufang’s unmistakable vocal prowess covering Kings of Leon’s ‘Use Sombody’. The mere act of Sheikh removing his jacket and tie got the audience wild, with shouts asking “The Rock” to bare it all.

'The Rock' rocks the house!

A twist was in store when the MCs invited our beloved Hall Master to be the main character in a story. Unknown to him, it was an elaborate ploy to celebrate his birthday in advance. He happily played the role of King Edward and tore off a large white sheet of paper which had concealed the words “Happy Birthday!”.

This pleasant surprise was promptly followed by yet another spectacular item from the Danz Demonz. Titled “The Tainted Moon”, the performance was a mystifying and traditional one, with graceful dancers clad in light blue and yellow. A huge moon served as the backdrop, changing colour to a bright red hue, much to the awe of everybody.

Mystifying Moon

Chinese Drama was back with a second play entitled “The Kidnap”. It revolved around the theme of friendship and trust. The antics of the protagonist with his sexy co-stars tickled everybody’s funny bone. Speaking of sexy, who could possibly be sexier than the protagonist’s girlfriend; appearing at right moments, eliciting immense laughter from the appreciative audience. I think the ladies could have learnt a thing or two from the performance, such as having an extra compartment to store your hand phone!

I Kissed A Girl

KE Choir sung their hearts out with famous classics and oldies. First up was ‘Ave Verum Corpus’ composed by Mozart followed by ‘Ye Lai Xiang’. Soothing and relaxing were the words to describe this amazing journey back in time. Danny did a wonderful job conducting, bringing out the best from our budding choral enthusiasts.

Martial arts soon followed as KE Wushu announced their presence on stage. The whole arrangement was filled with adrenaline pumping action which could only be described as  ‘entertaining’ by Bernhard, an admiring exchange student from Germany. Shouts cheering on the performers could be heard during the final showdown between Ming Zhou and Samuel on stage.

Wushu in Action!

KE Band was up again, with crowd pleasers such as “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved”, “Impossible” and “Always”. Equally entertaining were the performers themselves with frontman Sheikh putting on dark shades and a leather jacket bearing an uncanny resemblance to Bono. Xing Ying certainly did not dissapoint with her soulful rendition of “Impossible”.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. ICN 2010 would certainly have not been successful without the numerous people working relentlessly back stage, handling the sounds, lights and performers altogether. The Culture Committee did a awesome job in making ICN a huge roaring success. Kudos and a good job most certainly!

Culture Commitee 2010

Interesting quotes from the audience/ performers:

Siow Jer Jian (C Block), after his performance – “I am so relieved and happy now! I felt really emotional on stage; it was a feeling that cannot be described! It was…ecstacy!”

Unnaa (E Block), before the start of ICN – “sleepy………..”

Reuben Lim (E Block)on food – “So little only?”

Hall Master after the event – “It was my first birthday party ever!”

Sharifah (AB Block) on dance- “That girl was awesome! She can really dance and move it man!” When asked whether she would like to join dance, “Cannot lah! You kidding ar?”

Benjamin Tham on stage acting out an emotion -“What about smouldering?”

Nicholas Chai – “Thank you seniors/ alumni who took the trouble to come.” After hesitating, “We can be more slutty next time!”


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